Committee Meeting March 2016

Date: Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School

Minutes of February-2016 Meeting link:

Troop Agenda

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Count of Attendees: 17 (see page 4)

Committee Chair: Carl Wong

- Committee approved February 2016 Minutes of Meeting
- Template for Committee Meeting
- Mar Roundtable volunteers: Carl W and Marcus S
- ScoutBook & New Troop Website roll-out 4/4/2016; will do training
- Need 2volunteers to handle sale of Scrips (April roll-out)
- Formation of Summer Camp sub-committee. Volunteers: Chandy, Steve, Art and Charles C
Scoutmaster: Dennis Gorospe
- BSA 2016 New Requirements
- ASM Assignments per rank
- New patrol formation – May 2016
- Camporee new dates – April 22-24, 2016
- NYLT Training in summer – 11 Scouts signed up.
Committee requires scouts to serve in leadership position to get reimbursement. Budget should be enough if not all 11 scouts serve at the same time.
- Discussion of push-up as corporal punishment

Treasurer: Eliza Ma

- Financial Report on File.
Quartermaster: Scott Kotake
- Introducing new system, requiring Patrols to be responsible for gear/equipment assigned to them. If there is any problem, Quartermaster will contact Patrol Leaders and Patrol Quartermasters if there is any issue. Patrols will be responsible to repair damaged items assigned to them.
Registration: Jenny Song - Not in Attendance

- Registration of new scouts and parents in progress

Eagle Guide: Jeanne Cha & Rajiv Agrawal

- Edward K is preparing to present project to committee
- Lamour A shows interest in pursuing Eagle rank
- Michael C pulling permit for car wash fundraising

Trail to 1st Class: Mike Simko - Not in Attendance

- Orienteering completed
- Five mile orienteering will be done during March backpacking
Cub Scout Liaison: Steve Clinton
- In the process of inviting cub scouts from P529 and P673 to go to spring camporee

Advancement: Joseph Antonio

- 4 scouts completed BOR in February; 4 scouts request BOR in March (2 confirmed; 2 tentative)

Webmasters: Gemini Chang –Not in Attendance

- New website roll-out date: April 4, 2016

Medical Chair: Glenn Hiu

- Preparing for camporee outing

Community Service: Henry Lee

- No report

Adult Training: Chandy Gunawardhana

- New parents orientation sessions: Apr 4
- Youth protection Training scheduled for April 11, 2016
- Outing Coordinators training: May 2, 2016
- Merit Badge Counselors Info Session: Jun 6, 2016

Trailmaster: Art Chang

- Log Cabin (July 23 – 29, 2016): 14 sign-ups
Outing Chair: Charles Cho

- COPE outing preparation
- Whitewater participants will need to habe Swimming MB or pass BSA swim test

Unit Commissioner: Henry Lee

- No report.


Field Sports – completed : Charles Wei
Final report presented; $163.03 surplus
Green and Gold – February 19, 2016: Coordinators Nit in Attendance
Committee approved $300.00 additional donation. Total $800.00 donation.
Backpacking – March 19, 2016:
Spruce Grove is the destination. Need 2 more Adventure passes.
Camporee – April 22-24, 2016:
Subsidy increased to $20/scout
Fee of $40/scout approved
Grand Canyon – March & April 2016:
OC Crew will leave on March 12, 2016
Whitewater Rafting: May 13-15, 2016
Fee of $110/scout; $65/adult approved.
Concerns raised re drivers being tired if only one-night outing.
Northern Tier:
Weekly trainings at CPE in progress
Summer Camp 2016 – Camp Kern:
Payment made by Steve C.

Next Meeting: TUESDAY, April 12 @ 7 PM – Carmenita Middle School


1. Eliza Ma
2. Yogi Sankepally
3. Steve Clinton
4. Rajiv Agrawal
5. Glenn Hiu
6. Art Chang
7. Chandy Gunawardana
8. Charles Cho
9. David Choi
10. Charles Wei
11. Joseph Antonio
12. Mark Ingram
13. Dennis Gorospe
14. Henry Lee
15. Scott Kotake
16. Santos Kadi
17. Carl Wong

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