Committee Meeting - March 2007

Date: March 13, 2007
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Abraham Oh; Brian Johnson / Ed Johnson, Secretary
Total present: 27

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • Five SM conferences scheduled in the past month
  • Ben Trieu has earned his Bronze Eagle Palm
  • Eric will spearhead the Centennial Quality Unit Award effort for the Troop

Treasurer Report

Serena Szu

  • Details on file

Registration Report

Mark Nagayama

  • New Scout registration completed; we need two parents’ applications.
  • The new roster / database will be ready by April with all of the new Scout information,

Advancement Report

Maria Gomez

  • We’ll have 6-7 Scouts at the March 15 Boards of Review.

Eagle Guide

Mark Nagayama

Quartermaster’s Report

Floyd Wilson

  • As a result of the inventory I January, we determined we need the following additional / replacement equipment:
  • 12 convenience camping tents, 4 stoves, 6 stove covers, 4 stove stands have been acquired
  • 10 convenience camping cook sets (pots, pans, utensils), plus 10 backpacking pot sets will be purchased this month
  • Frank Filippone has purchased the materials to build five or six additional new Patrol Boxes. He hope to have them ready for the Camporee - 2007.

Webmaster’s Report

Michael Chern

  • Michael will develop a program in MS Access and/or MS Excel to enable us to store data on the site and print out reports, forms, etc.
  • We are posting monthly meeting announcements and the monthly Newsletter; Michael also would like event flyers for upcoming events and pictures from past events. You can e-mail them to him.

Chairman’s Report

Glenn Nishibayashi for Abraham Oh

  • 18 Scouts and 10 adults were at the Service project at Carmenita Middle School on March 10.

Event Updates

  • The assigned Outing Coordinator should be prepared to address/update the Committee at least three months prior to the event (and at least six months prior for major events such as long Term, Summer Camp, etc.)

Discussion Items and Other Business (Old and New):

Budget Planning and Troop subsidy levels

In September, we met to plan our budget for the 2006/2007 plan year. Glenn Nishibayashi graciously volunteered to take the decisions made at the meeting and developed a pro forma budget for the program year, which was then approved at the October Committee Meeting. In November we additionally approved the Troop subsididy the Philmont participants to the extent of $100 each. This would add about $2000 for the 2007 subsidy level, but our Philmont trips have been infrequent (averaging about three years or so between trips), and usually with a smaller group. Additionally, the subsidy will be paid in the form of a reimbursement after the Scout (or Scouter) has completed the Philmont trip.

Adult Leader Training –- (Eric Steigler)

  • Wood Badge - Fri, Sat, Sun, May 4, 5, & 6, and Sat, Sun, Mon, May 26, 27, & 28 - $240 (Troop will pay for all costs/fees)


  • Adventure Passes: For outings in the local mountains, we need adventure passes for parking. They’re $5 for one day or $30 for a year. (And holders of Annual Passes can buy a supplemental pass for an additional $5). Please advise if you have one and/or are willing to purchase one. (The Troop will reimburse the expense).
  • Still need replacement for Ramesh for Advancement Chair: Programs for First Class and under
  • New Process for Eagle Candidates: To better prepare Eagle Candidates, we will have a special but informal “Board of Review” with Eagle candidates before they present their proposed Eagle Project to the Committee. The Board will be composed of the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and Eagle Guide, with others as appropriate.
  • City of Cerritos Spring Festival: We discussed whether we want to participate but decided against it. We do not need the additional fundraiser, and we are not in a position to recruit.
  • Centennial Quality Unit Award: Replaces current/former Quality Unit Award. Allows us to set our own goals. Committee approved
  • Permission Slips: We will also be slightly modifying the language on the Permission Slips to ensure that the Parent can delegate authorization to the Scoutmaster or adult Trip Leader to secure medical aid in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Medical forms: All participants (Scouts and Adults) in High Adventure outings need a current medical form on file with the troop. The medical form can be obtained on the troop website or from Todd Shimoda at the Monday meetings. Upon completion of the form, please submit 2 copies (each of BOTH sides of the form) to Todd Shimoda. Below are those that are overdue and pending (i.e., soon to expire). A decision was made to manage more strictly with regard to current medicals. Scouts without current physicals will not be allowed to participate in Troop activities, with the exception of the weekly meetings.
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