Committee Meeting - June 2011

Date: June 14, 2011 7 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Alok Sancheti
Total present:21

Troop Agenda

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Eagle Project Proposal

  • Committee moved to approve Matthew Chern's Eagle Project. It consists of landscaping along side a parking lot at First Evangelical Church in Cerritos. It will take approximately 1-2 days to complete and about 15 scouts will be needed. Tentative dates are still not set. He is waiting to hear from the pastor when he can begin his project.

Check out new Calendar - 2011 for updated events. Coordinators are collecting information and will have flyers available with information in preparation of each outing.

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
May 14-15 Rifle Shooting/Shotgun - May 2011 Richard and Charles Location Whittier Narrow 34 scouts did rifle shooting on Saturday and 27 scouts attended the shotguns on Sunday. Over all outing was successful. Some of them completed the merit badge and many will be returning to finish up the shooting requirement that was not met. Refunds to 3 scouts will be made for the cost of the shooting that they were not able to attend
June 19-20 Philmont Training Hike - June 2011 Andrew Chien San Jacinto 8 scouts and 3 adults attended and hiked approximately 14. 6 miles round trip (11,340 feet in elevation). Great job crew, another successful trip getting us that much closer to being prepared for Philmont.
June 23-26 Whitewater / Fishing - June 2011 Ed Johnson Kern river 9 scouts and 4 adults confirmed. Cost is $200 ($120-rafting,$80 meals and gas), possibility for one of the four days to incorporated fishing or mountain biking
June 29-July 4 Fundraising - July 2011 Jovita DeLaFuente Artesia 4th of July Fundraiser All Parents of Troop 693, check your date scheduled to volunteer and the hours you are supposed to attend. Be sure you are on time, to relieve those parents who are finishing up their shift.
July 10-16 Summer Camp – July 2011 Christina Preciado Emerald Bay Currently 36 scouts and 4 adults confirmed to attend. Just tying up loose ends regarding forms and medicals that the camp requests. Monday, June 20th, 2011 at Sunshine park, Matt Chern will be giving the new scouts who are attending summer camp a Preview Orientation of Summer Camp activities and expectations. The troop will also be sending two scout to SPL training in preparation of camp activities.
Aug 27-28 Beach Outing/Surfing - August 2011 Cynthia Chen, Frances Cheng Malibu Approximately $95 per scout. Surfing class is provided (5 hours- 10 am to 3 pm). There will be a 1 adult to 2 scout ratio. Scouts will receive 2 hours of surfing class. There will also be opportunity to kayak and boogie board. Adults who attend must have Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense ceritification
Sept 17-18 Kayaking/Snorkeling - September 2011 Jas Jahic, Dennis Gorospe Oxnard –Channel Island Approximately $200 per scout (one night camping, two days kayaking)- $25 subsidy and $175 per adult. 15 scouts and 5 adults

Discussion Items and Other Business:

  • Summer Camp Waiting List- A discussion was brought to the committee regarding an unexpected freeze on summer camp attendance, where a waiting list was put together until Camp Emerald Bay worked out a way to accommodate all scouts interested in attending. Thank you all for your patience and support during these couple days. I am so very thankful that Camp Emerald Bay was able to make room for Troop 693 scouts. However, some parents were very disappointed about this incident and brought up concerns in a not so appropriate manner, which hurt my feelings to a point that I did not want to volunteer my time anymore. The committee chair, and members of the committee will be sending out an email regarding this incident, along with guidelines to handling conflicting concerns in a respectful,courteous manner. We are all volunteers helping in organizing these outing so that our scouts are given the opportunity to learn and participate in various activities throughout their scouting years.

We will continue the following at our next committee meeting:

  • Nominating Committee Report
  • Gift Items for Troop

June and July Committee Reports:

Committee Chair Report

Alok Sancheti

Scoutmaster’s Report

Chad Hoang

Treasurer Report

Mi Kyong

Quartermaster Report

Victor Hsiang

Registration Report

Cynthia Dang (not in attendance)

Outing Coordinator

Andrew Chen

Eagle Guide

Maha Sadras(not in attendance)

Trail to 1st Class

Dennis Gorospe/Terry Domae (not in attendance)

Advancement Report

Susan, Melody(not in attendance), Grace, Jeanne

Webmaster’s Report

Jay Shin (not in attendance)

Medicals Chair Report

Uttara Kelkar(not in attendance)

Community Relations

Kiran Rami(not in attendance), Anjali Atkins(not in attendance)

Adult Training

Richard Gilliland

Eagle Projects

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Summer Camp: Emerald Bay (2011)

Medical Forms

Expiry date of Medical form can be found ad Medical Form Expiry

Next Committee Meeting: July 19, 2011 @ 7PM, Washington Room, Liberty Park.

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