Committee Meeting June 2010

Date: June 8, 2010 7:00PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Christina Preciado
Total present: 14

Troop Agenda

click here to see Agenda for June 2010 meeting.

Eagle Project Proposal

Committee Chair

Maha Sadras(not in attendance)

  • Congratulations to the fundraising team Claire, MiKyong, Jovita and Mi for a job well done. The signup meeting ran very efficiently. Thanks to all parents for making it easy on them. We nearly had 100% participation and all time slots were filled by the end of the evening. THANK YOU.
  • A second Experian Donation of $300 came in for a totoal of $1800. Thank you Glenn for quickly filing this for our troop.
  • A few of our adults leaders are silently working with small group of scouts, helping them with fulfilling requirements, etc. We really appreciate the extra time you take out of your week to aid this program and help our scoutmaster with our large group of boys. Thank you Eric Aune, Terri Domae, Victor, Alok and others who work all the extra activities, "behind the scene" that are not mentioned in our Agenda.
  • BSA policy put into effect already: Recently, the Boy Scouts of America announced important changes to its Youth Protection policies. The purpose of these changes is to increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exist today in Scouting.
  • Effective June 1, 2010- Youth Protection training is required for all BSA registered volunteers, regardless of their position, New leaders are required to take Youth Protection training before submitting an application for registration. The certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time the application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins. Youth protection training must be taken every two year. If a volunteer's' Youth Protection training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be reregistered.
  • Youth Protection Training and other training classes are available online and can be found under our Adult Training page.
  • ADHOC Committee (Alok Sancheti, Christina Preciado, and Santos Kadi) currently working on putting together a slate for next Troop year.

Scoutmaster’s Report

Chad Hoang

  • Scoutmaster Conference - 0 SMC.
  • 50 sign ups for Camporee (50 scouts and 10 adults)- Food and events were great. Minor conflict on sign ups. Reimbursements due to Chad or Jaime ASAP
  • Our troop is running out of Nankerchiefs, Troop 693 patches and quality unit 2009 patches. A request for purchase of these items was made.
  • Green Bar activities for this summer are being made

Treasurer Report

Mi Kyong

  • Ending cash balance (Details on file).
  • Just a reminder to adult coordinators that an outing template must be presented and approved by committee so that any refunds can be given.
  • Committee approved that deadlines for expense reports to be submitted is no later than two committee meeting after an outing has ended so that the outing coordinator can prepare and submit report at a committee meeting in order to close budget.

Quartermaster Report

Victor Hsiang(not in attendance)

  • Currently there are 7 tents not returned yet from Camporee. All tents have been tagged and many are still incomplete. One tent was unrepairable. Troop discussed charging a partial fee and having scout provide service with tent cleaning to pay back the damage of this tent.

Registration Report

Cynthia Dang (not in attendance)

Outing Coordinator

Alok Sancheti

  • Contact Alok when filling out Troop Permit, he has the new insurance certificate with updated information: company name and policy numbers. Insurance information can also be found at Forms

Eagle Guide

Glenn Nishibayashi

  • Josephs Moon's Eagle Character Board on 5/12/10. Joseph Moon and Adam Wilson are preparing a joint eagle court ceremony and will be providing information in meetings to come
  • Tameem Breik achieved rank of Life on 4/26/10.
  • Justin Wiguna's Eagle Project book is completed and is working on his Eagle application. He has one merit badge to complete, then he will be ready for his SMC, Troop Board of Review and submitting application to the district.
  • Kendall Nishibayashi has completed Eagle Project and all merit badges are finished. He is now working on SMC and BOR.

Trail to 1st Class

Terry Domae

  • Saturday 6/12/10 at Sunshine Park 13 scouts will be working on 2nd Class requirements.
  • 2nd Class Fitness requirements are complete.

Advancement Report

Susan Chung, Melody Chang

Webmaster’s Report

Jay Shin

  • 2010 calendar is updated. If an email is sent to you, please respond ASAP so that information regarding outings can be posted in an efficient manner.

Medicals Chair Report

Uttara Kelkar

  • Remember Medicals Forms for adults required if you are participating in a high adventure outing. Scouts medical forms are required for all outings. No exceptions.
  • Reminder to all outing coordinators: All medicals must be updated prior to the outing for scouts and parents. Check Medical Form Expiry link. See Uttara to turn in all updated medicals ASAP.

Community Relations

Jeanne Cha (not in attendance) and Jovita Fuente

Adult Training

Richard Gilliland

  • Richard has put together a module on the Adult Training page for parents to view and Richard has posted LA/Orange County Links. Check them out and see all the available training going on along with online classes you can do in a short time to become certificated in various areas. (BSA E-learning Center)
  • Wilderness Training and First Aid will be held Spring 2011 on the BSA website. A deposit of $25 and application needs to be submitted. Total cost is $210 (Date is not set, but will occur over 3 days-Fri, Sat and Sun).

Eagle Projects

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Summer Camp: Camp Whitsitt (2010)
  • Summer Camp: Emerald Bay (2011)
  • Check out new Calendar - 2010 for updated events. Coordinators are collecting information and will have flyers available with information in preparation of each outing.

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
April 3-8 Grand Canyon - April 2010 Andrew Chien Grand Canyon All payment and reimbursements have been made, however there is $448 refund which the committee agreed to return $15 to each scout and adult for the purchase of their Grand Canyon T-shirt.
May 21-22 Camporee - May 2010 Jaime Banuelos and Asmath Noor Whittier Narrows 50 scouts and 10 adults attended and all went pretty smoothly, however many did not have their forms ready to go for shooting and adult leaders had to cover for those not prepared
June 19-20 Whitewater Rafting - June 2010 Jas Jahic and Ed Johnson Lake Isabella 24 scouts and 5 adults attending. Swimming Merit Badge required. Three hours of rafting. Will be arriving at 2:30 Saturday.
July 18-24 Summer Camp - July 2010 Christina Preciado Camp Whitsitt Last deposit of $100 due Monday 6/14/10. 2nd Summer Camp Meeting is at CPE (Newport C Room) on Tuesday-6/15/10. If you have not submitted your information request and merit badge choices please give them to Cynthia/Christina ASAP
July 31-Aug 7 Log Cabin - August 2010 Alok Sancheti Yosemite Valley 15 scouts and 5 adults signed up. First training hike 6/5/10 took place in Cedar Glenn (7 scouts attended). Next Training hikes are 6/25-6/26 and 7/9-7/11. Check calendar for more details.
Sept 18 Windsurfing Trip - September 2010 Terri Domae Alamitos Bay Maximum of 8 scouts per day. Approximately 2 hours of instruction. A suggestion of having this activity over two weekends depending on interest. Cost is about $25.

Discussion Items and Other Business:

  1. Claire is waiting follow-up decision by city regarding the fundraising booth. 5/24/10 is a dark night, but a mandatory parent meeting to sign-up for fundraising will be held that day.

Medical Forms

Expiry date of Medical form can be found ad Medical Form Expiry

Next Committee Meeting: July 13th, 2009 at 7:00 PM @ 7PM, Venue TBA.

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