Committee Meeting - June 2007

Date: June 12, 2007
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Abraham Oh; Ed Johnson, Secretary
Total present: 26

Eagle Project Proposals

  • Ryan Kim: Church in Bellflower; scrape and re-paint equipment shed and children outdoor play area; proposed date: Sat, Jul 21; Committee approved
  • Justin Wang: Long Beach Japanese Community Center; rehab surface and repaint kitchen and bathrooms; proposed date(s): Fri & Sat, Sept 15 & 16; Committee postponed approval pending Justin’s securing of approval by the Community Center and the SM and Committee Chair
  • Austin Chang: Ross Middle School; build 12” high block wall round memorial rose garden; proposed date(s): Aug 17 & 18; Committee approved.

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • Four SM conferences scheduled in the past month.

Treasurer Report

Mi Kyong Choi

  • Details on file

Registration Report

William Chen

  • The new roster / database is updated with all of the new Scout information.

Advancement Report

Mark Nagayama for Maha Sadras

  • Very brief discussion about the new internal process for Life Scouts re: the path to Eagle.

Eagle Guide

Mark Nagayama

  • No report

Quartermaster’s Report

Floyd Wilson

  • Virtually all equipment is in or accounted for.
  • Total cost for all six patrol boxes was just under $800 (or ~$130/box). Special thanks again to Frank Filippone

Webmaster’s Report

Alok Sancheti, Michael Chern

  • Very brief discussion as to what degree we should let anyone post to the site. We decided to stay conservative for the time being, and do so through Alok, or Michael.
  • Event flyers for upcoming events and pictures from past events can be e-mailed to Michael at moc.396poort|retsambew#moc.396poort|retsambew

Chairman’s Report

Glenn Nishibayashi for Abraham Oh

  • Good support for the bone marrow registration drive for Joyson Szu
  • Anyi & Mark have been working that alternative Long Term.

Discussion Items and Other Business:

Participation at the ceremony at St. Mary’s Church

  • The Nishibayashis and Nagayamas were there to help celebrate the church’s Centennial. The memorial garden that was substantially improved with Garrett’s Eagle project was blessed by the Bishop.

New internal process for Eagle Board of Review

Long Term Alternative Trip

Donation from Experian

  • Glenn Nishibayashi’s employer makes donations in recognition of volunteer work that Glenn performs for the Troop. He recently received a check for the Troop for $500. The question is how do we want to spend it. Earmark it for special purpose (e.g. Friends of Scouting? Philmont subsidy?) or just put it in the “general fund”?

Troop T-Shirts

  • We’ve bought 50 more and are back in stock in all sizes, from Small to XXLarge. $5 each

Adult Leadership – 2007-2008

Joyson Szu

  • Still looking for bone marrow registrants. Joyson needs a bone marrow transplant.
  • In the mean time the power of prayer and positive thinking should be directed toward Joyson and his family.

Medical Forms

  • All participants (Scouts and Adults) in High Adventure outings need a current medical form on file with the troop. The medical form can be obtained on the troop website or from Todd Shimoda at the Monday meetings. Upon completion of the form, please submit 2 copies (each of BOTH sides of the form) to Todd Shimoda.
  • A decision was made to manage more strictly with regard to current medicals. Scouts without current physicals will not be allowed to participate in Troop activities, with the e

Adult Leadership Nominations

Following Adult Leadership nominations where proposed:

Position / Role Current Proposed
2006 - 2007 2007 - 2008
Committee Chair Abraham Oh Abraham Oh
Committee Secretary Ed Johnson Christina Preciado
Committee Treasurer Raj Parikh, Mikyung Choi Mikyung Choi
Scoutmaster Eric Auné Eric Auné
Exec. Assistant SM Peter Pranadjaja Peter Pranadjaja
Assistant Scoutmaster see list
Quartermaster Floyd Wilson Floyd Wilson
Adult Leader Training Chair Eric Auné Eric Stiegler
Advancement Chair Maria Gomez, Susan Chung, Nancy Nagayama Maria Gomez*, Susan Chung, Paul Matsushima
Fund Raising Chair MiKyung Choi, Anyi Chang MiKyung Choi*, Anyi Chang
Hospitality Chair Bobbi Cusick Hoa Nguyen
Medicals Chair Todd Shimoda Todd Shimoda
Orientation Chair Peter Pranadjaja Peter Pranadjaja
Outings Chair David Yi, Jaime Bañuelos Sang Park
Trail to 1st Class Rank Adv Chair Maha Sadras Maha Sadras
Registration Chair Mark Nagayama, William Chen William Chen
Summer Camp Chair Maria Gomez Maria Gomez
Eagle Guide Mark Nagayama Glenn Nishibayashi
Recruiting Chair Kathy Nishibayashi Kathy Nishbayashi
Community Service Chair Jeanne Cha
Den Chief Chair Rey Cerda
Vikings Chair Carol Hojo TBN
Webmaster Michael Chern Alok Sancheti
  • Primary Coordinator
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