Committee Meeting July 2015

Date: Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 - 7:00 PM
Location: Skyline Room, Cerritos Library, 3rd Floor, 18025 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos

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Troop 693 July 2015 Minutes of Meeting

Count of Attendees: 16

Eagle Project Presentation: Committee approved Justin Kadi’s eagle project proposal. He is building an iPad cabinet and relocating the Cerritos Elementary School library.

Committee Chair: Santos Kadi
- Troop August COH will be at Shoshonean Park in Norwalk.
- Carmenita Middle School MPR reserved for 2015-2016 – same price as previous year
- Commented on the success of 4th of July fundraising activities
- Discussed issues relating to parents not volunteering for the fundraising activities.
- Several discussions among committee members, but no motion put on the floor.
- Discussed Flag Dag and proposal to do it in 3 years interval. Proposed recognition of City employee who was instrumental in assisting and supporting Flag Day.
Scoutmaster: Dennis Gorospe
- Busy with SM conferences.
- Discuss scout leadership position that is not being performed and possible intervention or replacement.

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster: Victor Phong
- Commented on Philmont preparation

Treasurer: Eliza Ma
- Financial Report on File.
Quartermaster: Scott Kotake
- Purchased new water filter.
Registration: Jenny Song
- All new scouts applications has been submitted to District

Eagle Guide: Ashok Chauhan / Jeanne Cha

- Eagle committee is busy with preparing, scheduling and maintaining lists of Eagle scouts candidates.

Trail to 1st Class: Charles Cho , (not in attendance)
- Mike Simko commented on Tenderfoot Physical Fitness for new scouts. Ongoing monthly testing at Sunshine Park. Scout can show improvement at Troop meeting to fulfill requirement.

Advancement: Grace Lee, Joseph Antonio, Linda Phong, Greg Tecson.
- Joseph Antonio discussed how advancement committee would know if a scout is not performing his duties and unknowingly schedule a scout for BOR. Committee advised that SM conference needs to take place and under the guidance of SM would a scout be allowed to schedule BOR. Agreed that BOR would validate scout advancement and may not recommend scout for advancement.

Webmasters: Rajiv Argawal, Sharon Wang, Minchi Cheng
- Everything is good - No report
o Troop693@moc.elgoog|retsambew#moc.elgoog|retsambew, for any posting requests.
Medical Chair: Glenn Hiu
- Continue to monitor and update medical records.

Outing Chair: Jay Chiang
- NO Report

Adult Training: Carl Wong
- Nomination committee recruitment is going well. In discussion with various parents on taking on leadership position. Likely to present the nominees to the Committee next month.

Community Service - Henry Lee
- OC food bank in Garden Grove – 20 participated. Went well.
- Scheduling 2nd Harvest Food Bank in November 25. 2015 (8:30-11AM)
- CHOC Walk, Sunday October 11


o Philmont – Ready to take on the adventure and getting last minutes items on the camping checklist.
o Flag Day – Everything went well. ABC News reported on the event and broadcasted on the nightly news. Thanks all participants, organizers, clubs, scouts, volunteers and looking forward to the next one. Committee commented on sectioning part of the stage so that it appears less chaotic.
o Bike ½ Centurion Ride – Great accomplishment given that many scouts who started the training with 5-10 miles with not so adequate bike or equipments and now made the 50 miles bike ride
o 4th of July Fundraising – Went well. Comparative estimates are less than last year.
o Summer Camp – Thanks the adults who went to Summer Camp. 34 scouts went to Summer Camp in Cherry Valley. Thisara G. was SPL and did a great job at keeping the younger scout in synch. Over 100 merit badges were earned and all had a great time. Some adults jokingly are still recovering.
o Deep Sea Fishing – Committee approves budget. Reminder those over 16 is required to have fishing license. Tickets/licenses are purchased in advance.
o Beach Outing – Outing is in September 26-27th in Mission Bay, San Diego. Activities include surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking. $100 per scout and $90 per adult

Next Meeting: TUESDAY, August 11 , 2015 @ 7 PM – Cerritos Library 3rd Floor

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