Committee Meeting February 2015

Date: Tuesday, Feb 10th, 2015 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School

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Troop Agenda

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Count of Attendees: 19

Committee Chair: Santos Kadi
- Scouts will be joining our troop from Cub Scouts.
- Camporee is scheduled for May 1-3, 2015.

Scoutmaster: Dennis Gorospe
- Busy with SM conferences and troop meetings agenda.
- Reminder: Wilderness and First Aid is also available on 3/28-3/29
- Blue & Gold went well with the building of the crossing bridge.
- Merit Badge Day – 3/14 and 5/9

Treasurer: Eliza Ma
- Financial Report on File.

Quartermaster: Scott Kotake
- Purchased troop flag for $99
- Request to purchase of brass Eagle that’s on top of flag ($40). Committee approves.

Registration: Jenny Song
- No Report.

Eagle Guide: Ashok Chauhan / Jeanne Cha
- Received National Confirmation of Eagles Scouts from our Troop this past couple of months. Two Eagle Candidates are up for District Review Board in March.

Trail to 1st Class: Charles Cho
- Scheduling the 10 animals/10 plants requirements at El Doraado Park on Saturday at 9:00AM.

Advancement: Grace Lee, Joseph Antonio, Linda Phong, Greg Tecson
- Preparing for Green & Gold on February 20, 2015
- Advancement team is busy with scouts request for Board of Review (BOR)
- Ordered 50 neckerchiefs and 693 patches.
- Proposed recycling the year pin as opportunity for cost savings.

Webmasters: Rajiv Argawal, Sharon Wang, Minchi Cheng
- No report
o Troop693@moc.elgoog|retsambew#moc.elgoog|retsambew, for any posting requests.

Medical Chair: Glenn Hiu
- Continue to monitor and update medical records

Outing Chair: Jay Chiang
- No Grand Canyon for 2015 – permit application is a lottery system and T693 was not selected.
- Taking deposit and sign up for kayaking trip during spring break.
- Taking deposit and sign up for Northern Tier (BSA High Adventure Trip) in 2016 -

Community Service - Sissy, Henry Lee
- Upcoming event includes: OC food bank in Garden Grove – 12-15 participants.
- Event to take place in April 2015.
- July 2015 – Compton Initiative
- Committee member raised concerns of overwhelming the scouts by having too many community service projects given other scouting activities on the calendar.
o Philmont –travel arrangements is set. Request for additional subsidy from Troop. Troop is non-committal. Training hikes are scheduled in March, May and June.
o COPE/Zipline – 1/10/15 – 1/11/15. Outing came under budget amount, coordinator requests refund, but Troop general practice was not to issue refund nor request for additional scout contribution when the outing is overbudget limit.
o Snow Trip – Scouts and family had a great time. Couple of adults was under the weather and couldn’t be on the slope with the scouts. Encouraged more adults to ski to supervise/assist/teach and provide guidance to the scouts. Facility was OK, but would like to look into another cabin for next year.
o Green & Gold – Coordinator asking for donation. Plan to work with parents on the donation. Budget proposal for this event is $10/person.
Raffle tickets will be on sale at $10 for 12 tickets. Announced one of the prize will be a 1 year subscription of DirecTv.
o Summer Camp: Discuss number of adults to attend Cherry Valley. Costs is $525 per scouts.
o March Backpacking – Planning phase with budget at $20 per scouts. Coordinators chose Bear Canyon and suggested a couple of hiking trails for Philmont crews.
o Bike Training for the Centurion – Outing coordinator planned for short 10-15 miles trip and progress on up to 20-25 miles in preparation for the century ride outing in July 2015.

Next Committee Meeting: TUESDAY, March 10 , 2015 @ 7 PM – Carmenita School

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