Committee Meeting - February 2013

Date: Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Santos Kadi
Total present: 21

Troop Agenda

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Committee Reports

Committee Chair Report

Santos Kadi

  • Nothing to report

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • Had 3 scoutmaster conferences. 1 First Class, 1 Star and 1 Bronze Palm.
  • Has SM conference with EC scheduled. He needs to complete his eagle binder.
  • Librarian has created a report of very old merit badge books. We will advertise the Troop to donate newer MB books and if needed Troop will look at purchasing new ones.
  • 5 new scouts are starting on February 25th.

Treasurer Report

Eliza Ma

  • Balance on File
  • Committee approved reimbursement of $475 for wilderness first aid training for 3 adults.

Quartermaster Report

Victor Hsiang

  • Will do a tent inspection in one of the upcoming Troop meetings to prepare for Camporee - 2013
  • Backpacking tent no. 1 pole is broken

Registration Report

Cynthia Dang

  • Need to find if all adults registered have completed Youth Protection

Eagle Guide

Maha Sadras

  • KC and EH are completing their Eagle Project Report
  • 3 scouts are waiting their results from National
  • JC Eagle character board is scheduled for March
  • There are concerns for IR, being able to complete his Eagle
  • BC and BC are in the process of finalizing their Eagle projects
  • AL met with the board concerning his leadership in the Troop

Trail to 1st Class

Dennis Gorospe

  • All scouts except one has completed his orienteering requirement. He is going to work on it separately.


Chandy, [Melody, Grace, Jeanne, Uttara (not in attendance)]

  • BORs have been going well.
  • This months advancements: 1 Tenderfoot, 1 Second Class, 1 Star, 1 Troop Eagle
  • Scheduled following for Feb: 4 First Class, 1 Star, 1 Eagle Bronze

Webmaster’s Report

MinChi Cheng

  • As the space on the current free website is running out. Committee approved for $50 pear year subscription to buy more space.
  • Currently we have 1.5 GB, the space will be increased to 20GB
  • This will also allow us to control the advertisement on the site
  • Calendar - 2013 is available on the website

Medicals Chair Report

Jay Shin

  • All medical records expiration dates are posted on the troop website, check to see if your medicals have expired. There are many scouts and adults that need to be updated. Do not wait until an outing to get that medical record taken care of. Make it a point to renew the same time every year.
  • Will send a reminder email to the Troop.

Outings Chair

Jay Chiang

  • For snow trip in 2014 lodge has been reserved (main lodge and chalet 11 and 12).

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
Dec 15 Holiday Party - 2012 (wrap-up) Quintin Sumabat Laser Tag 32 scouts + 7 adults participated.
Jan 12-31 COPE - 2013 (wrap-up) Chad Hoang Irvine Ranch 19 scouts + 4 adults participated.
The program was short-staffed, so could not do all the activities. Chad spoke with the management and they reduced the fees from $990 to $165.
Scouts had a good time competing in Iron Chef competition and having peach cobbler.
Jan 26-27 Snow Trip - 2013 (wrap-up) Sissy Yoh , Cynthia Chen Big Bear 10 scouts + 2 siblings + 5 adults participated.
Was able to cancel the reservation on chalet and get a refund.
Feb 8 Green and Gold - 2013 (wrap-up) Linda Phong, S. Youn, Su Y Kim, Sharon Xu Skyline Room, Cerritos Library. 68 people participated.
Will donate $904 to Friends of Scouting
Mar 16-17 Backpacking March - 2013 Andy Black, Victoria Bian Sprue Grove 22 scouts (18 Philmont + GC) and 4 adults have signed up.
Missing new scouts and older scouts from the list, will send and email out as there are no meetings i near future
Apr 2-6 Grand Canyon - 2013 Vildana Jahic, Uttara Kelkar, Charles Cho Grand Canyon Scouts are training well with stairs.
Had their 1st training hike.
Apr 12-14 Camporee - 2013 Minchi Cheng, Sharon Wang, Cynthia Dang Firestone Per scout cost $25
May 24-27 Whitewater Rafting - 2013 Vildana Jahic, Phil Working Kern River As current dates are on Memorial Day weekend, Troop approved to 17-19, if there is availability
Jun 23- Jul 5 Hawaii Long Term - 2013 Frances Gorospe Hawaii Have an exiting activities planned for them.
12 scouts + 5 adults are signed up. Still have spots for 1 adult and 1 scout
Jul 4 Annual Fundraising - 2013 Vasantha Sripathi Looking for volunteers to coordinate.
3 adults volunteered to cover for adults going to Hawaii.
Will get a count of how many slots are needed to be filled.

Discussion Items and Other Business:

Long Term Outings Planned

Medical Forms

Expiry date of Medical form can be found ad Medical Form Expiry

Next Committee Meeting: March 12 2013 @ 7PM, Carmenita Middle School

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