Committee Meeting February 2011

Date: February 8, 2011 7 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Alok Sancheti
Total present: 20

Troop Agenda

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Eagle Project Proposal

  • No Presentations

Alok Sancheti

  • Philmont crew day hike on February 12, 2011
  • Green and Gold at library reserved at the skyline room.

Scoutmaster’s Report

Chad Hoang

  • SCM- Allen Lin- Star, Edward Yi-Life, Keith Banuelos-Eagle, Allen Jahic, Justin Chiang, Manav Rami, Edward Kim and Brian Chen - 2nd Class, Justin Kadi-1st Class
  • 6 Boy Scouts have been practicing for the bridge builing for Pack 529 Blue and Gold on 2/11/11

++ Treasurer Report
Mi Kyong

  • Ending cash balance (Details on file).

Quartermaster Report

Victor Hsiang

*Equipment returned from bike outing except one tent. Tents purchased through glenn, fill out reimbursement form and glenn will sign it for your purchase.

Registration Report

Cynthia Dang (not in attendance)

Outing Coordinator

Andrew Chen

  • New updated information: company name and policy numbers. Insurance information can also be found at Forms
  • Troop permit must be filled out one week earlier, must be cleared before any outing progresses.

Eagle Guide

Maha Sadras

  • Two eagle project this month (19 and 26)- Kent Chen
  • Scouts must have an approved signed Tour permit filed by the district.

Trail to 1st Class

Dennis Gorospe/Terry Domae (not in attendance)

  • Two scouts completed first aid and two are pending due to show a first aid kit. Another trail to first class, first aid merit badge will be scheduled on a future date. New Scout will be joining us on March 7 (1st meeting after Green and Gold). Need to start preparing orientation classes for new scout parents.
  • New scouts must have the scout requirement quickly before any rank advancement. (Scout Requirement and paperwork/pamphlet sighn offs will be taken care of at theBlue and Gold)

Advancement Report

Susan, Melody, Grace, Jeanne (not in attendance)

  • Jeanne sent out email regarding BOR procedures and deadlines. BOR requests this month are for 1 eagle, 2 first class and 2 second class. There are two more scouts scheduled for SM conference, but am unsure of the outcome. If everyone passes and makes their requests on time, there will be a total of 9 boards this month.
  • Frank will be making 4 plaques and Susan will check on how this is progressing.

Webmaster’s Report

Jay Shin (not in attendance)

Medicals Chair Report

Uttara Kelkar(not in attendance)

Community Relations

Kiran Rami (not in attendance), Anjali Atkins (not in attendance)

Adult Training

Richard Gilliland (not in attendance)

  • Richard has put together a module on the Adult Training page for parents to view and Richard has posted LA/Orange County Links. Check them out and see all the available training going on along with online classes you can do in a short time to become certificated in various areas. (BSA E-learning Center)

Event and Outings

Andrew Chien

  • Organization of 2011 calendar of outings completed. Email Andrew if you have any question regarding the organization of your outing (budget/go to person etc.)

Eagle Projects

  • Kent Chen

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Summer Camp: Emerald Bay (2011)
  • Looking for suggestion for Summer Camp 2012-2014
  • Check out new Calendar - 2011 for updated events. Coordinators are collecting information and will have flyers available with information in preparation of each outing.

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
Jan 8-9 Bike Trip – January- 2011 Dennis Gorospe, Ashok Chauhan Bike Outing Final Wrap up next meeting
Feb 4-6 Snowtrip – Febrruary- 2011 Lilibelle Reyes, Julie Won Big Bear 14 scouts and 3 adults attended trip. The trip went very well. Next year if we can avoid MUN and Merit Badge day that would be great. Promote younger scouts to attend this trip for such an opportunity to learn and try something new. Develop relationships with eachother both scouts and adults. Camporships are available for those who need help with costs. This year 20 % discout in respect to the past years which was 50%
Mar 4 Green and Gold – March 2011 Jovita De La Fuente, Vasantha Sri, Mala Skyline Room Cerritos Library Refundable $500 deposit was made, 48 guests and 40 scouts. Chinese Food Menu. Accepting donations for the raffle, 6pm starting time. $6 per person, $5 for 6 raffle tickets.
Mar 12-13 Backpacking – March 2011 Santos Kadi, Jay Chiang Point Magu in Malibu $25 per scout- Approximation based on 25 scouts and 15 adults. Dry camp (Purchase of a Nalgene is suggested for this outing and future ones. Philmont crew will be carrying the extra water, bring as many naglenes as possible. Possible geocashing activity. Deadline for payment is February 28th and March 7 will be meal planning
April 15-17 Camporee – April 2011 Serena Szu, Linda Phong, Su Yon Kim, Vasantha Sri Firestone Camping Reservation $20 per scout (registration fee)- (Saturday Dinner Meal included)- $40 per scout ($5 subsdidy) –Collect $35 per scout. Weebelos invited to Camporee. Pack 529 will take care of their own registration. Depending on the number from Pack 529 will determine if we can cover the costs. Committee approved to charge both scouts and cubscout to pay $15.
May 21-22 Rifle/Shotgun Shooting – May 2011 Richard and Charles Location ? Still working on reserving, Charles will be going to round table and check out frontier districts shot gun outing and see if they can get information. Wil be checking out local scout camps as well
July 10-16 Summer Camp – July 2011 Christina Preciado Emerald Bay We have currently 30 scouts registered for this upcoming summercamp. Still waiting for information regarding merit badges. Next deposit of $300 per scout is due on March 7, 2011. $ 200 to those who have already paid the first deposit of $ 100.
Sept 17-18 Kayaking – September2011 Jas Jahic, Dennis Gorospe Oxnard –Channel Island Approximately $210 per scout (one night camping, two days kayaking)- $25 subsidy

Discussion Items and Other Business:

New Scouts/Parents Orientation-Dennis Gorospe (10 boys entering, parent orientation will start first Monday after green and gold)
Waiting Lists-Frances Gorospe (55 +10 scouts currently in the troop after green and gold and 5 are in the wait lists). Committee agreed to allow boys who are on waiting lists into the troop this March with new scouts entering. Chad will work with ASM to help him with advancements and activities organized.

Medical Forms

Expiry date of Medical form can be found ad Medical Form Expiry

Next Committee Meeting: March 8, 2011 @ 7PM, Carmenita Middle School.

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