Committee Meeting - February 2008

Date: February12, 2008
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Peter Prana
Total present: 11

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • 6 New Scouts from Pack 529 will start meeting with Troop 693 on 3/03/08.
  • New Parent Orienteering Meeting will begin sometime in April.

Treasurer Report

Mi Kyong Choi

  • Ending cash balance (Details on file).

Quartermaster Report

Floyd Wilson

  • No report, items are being returned in an orderly fashion.
  • If you have any items in your possession, please return them to Floyd immediately so that the troop can have a complete count on on gear.

Registration Report

William Chen

  • No report.

Eagle Guide

Glenn Nishibayashi

  • 2 Character Boards completed, 1 scheduled for Board of Review for Eagle Scout.
  • Glenn has a breakdown of the subsidy budget for activities and events schedule for this upcoming year.
  • 2007 2008 Pro Forma Budget.xls for 2008 with outing subsidies was discussed and is available on file.

Trail to 1st Class

Maja Sadras

  • 1 mile Orienteering Training - March 2008 rescheduled for 3/15/08. Volunteers are needed. It will begin about 12:00 PM. Adult voluteers need to arrive at 11:00 AM. Checkout Flyer for assigned reading in preparation for event. Looking for older scouts to recruit in helping out.
  • Trail to 1st Class Meeting - February 2008 for current 1st year parents on 2/25/08 to discuss Trail to 1st class program.

Advancement Report

Maria Gomez

Webmaster’s Report

Alok Sancheti

  • Many of Troop Forms are up and ready for printing.
  • Email Alok any other Forms you would like to see posted on website for availabity.
  • Also send any updated info to alok which you would like to see on Calendar-2007 or Calendar-2008
  • Thank you Alok on a Great Job with the troop website.

Chairman’s Report

Peter Prana

Event Updates

Sang Park

  • Please see below Medicals that have or are expiring soon.
  • Remember Medicals (Class 3) for adults registered in troop are required if you are participating on High Adventure Outing. No exceptions.

Discussion Items and Other Business:

Adult Training

Eric Stiegler)

Community Relations

Jeanne Cha

  • A OC Food Bank Community Project - March 2008 is scheduled for 3/29/08 at the Orange County Food Bank. Volunteers for sorting boxes in an assembly line is needed.
  • Looking for ideas for community service projects. Any ideas let Jeanne know so that she can look into it.

Eagle Projects

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Mammoth Caverns (2008)
  • Cherry Valley (2009)
  • Camp Witsett (2010)
  • Emerald Bay (2011)


  • The Green and Gold - February 2008 was a big success. Thank you to all the volunteers and donations that were given for the event. A special thanks to Scout - Branden Pirkl's Great Aunt and Grandparent for their generous donations. The Friends of Scouting are very grateful and thankful for all the generous donations.
  • Glenn will be contacting 9 scouts that are on the Troop waiting list to see if they are still interested in joining Troop 693, since only 6 New Scouts are entering and we are losing 8 this year who are turning 18.
  • Check out new Calendar - 2008 for updated events. Coordinators are collecting information and will have flyers available with information in prepartation of each outing.
  • Another Snow Trip - February 2008 Trip is scheduled for Saturday 2/23/08 since there are so many vouchers from the last ski trip. Check your emails and contact Glenn ASAP if you are interested in attending this event.
  • The Committee agreed to allow troop to subsidize former Eagle Scouts with scout rate if they are interested in attending events held by the troop.
  • Mar. 8-9: Backpacking Trip - March 2008 (Howard) - Proposed site: "Valley Forge"
  • April 18-20: Camporee - April 2008 (Jaime Banuelos) - No updates available.
  • May 17-18: Fishing Trip - May 2008 (Floyd Wilson) - Reserved 2 nights camping up in Victorville at Mohave Lake for 32 people.
  • June 21-22: Surfing Trip - June 2008 (Brian Johnson) - Reservation updates unknown, but looking into San Onofre beach campsites.
  • July 13-19: Summer Camp - July 2008 (Maria Gomez) -Scheduled date will be July 13-19 at Lost Valley (east of Temecula). Eric Aune secured a 20% discount for the troop, cost will be $250-$255.
  • August 9-15: Long Term - Whitewater and Caving Trip - August 2008 (Carol Hojo)- 13 Scouts have signed up.
    • Caving will be first (8/10-8/11)
    • White water rafting, repelling and zipline will follow.
    • Carol selected caverns with shade and availabe showers.
    • The cost is $600.00 per scout but with the Troop subsidy of $100.00, the total cost will be $500.00 per scout.
  • Philmont 2009 - Sounds like its a go. Forms and Deposits need to be made as soon as possible.

Medical Forms

Medical forms for the following scouts need to be updated:

Scout Expired On
Scout-Adam Wilson 04/18/2007
Scout-Brian Choi 10/15/2007
Scout-Rishi Kaul 01/24/2008
Scout-James Stiegler 01/29/2008
Scout-Brian Hsiang 02/19/2008
Scout-Edward Hsiang 02/19/2008
Scout-Michael Cerda 02/23/2008
Scout-Andrew Choi 02/23/2008
Scout-Victor Peer 03/12/2008
Scout-Danish Noor 03/14/2008
Scout-Ryan Kim 03/14/2008
Scout-Kendall Nishibayashi 03/21/2008
Scout-Garrett Nishibayashi 03/21/2008
Scout-Matthew Chern 03/22/2008
Scout-Mark Chern 03/22/2008
Scout-Ramesh Raghunandar 03/23/2008
Scout-Jared Vilaseca 03/27/2008
Scout-Michael Park 03/28/2008
Scout-Gabriel Black 03/28/2008
Scout-Jeffrey Tai 03/29/2008
Scout-Kevin Chang 03/29/2008
Scout-Tam Nguyen 03/30/2008
Scout-Edward Yi 03/31/2008
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