Committee Meeting December 2015

Date: Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School

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Troop Agenda

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Committee Chair: Carl Wong

- Eagle project presentations of Michael C and Isaac S postponed due to clearance issue by Eagle Guides. Scouts will re-schedule when ready.
- Gave time to Alok Sancheti to announce his retirement as District Eagle Project Chair and for Alok to introduce Ashok Chauhan as his replacement effective January 1, 2016.
- CW asked for feedback regarding the in-class session of YPT; committee members like the availability of this option. The session also allows more discussion among attendees.
- Manav R will stay on roster for 2016 in case he wants to pursue his Eagle rank.
- The Rose Parade offer to the Philmont and Norther Tier crews did not result in any recruitment. CW will open the opportunity to the troop and the fund generated will be available to the general fund.
- CW asks for ideas on how to retain older scouts in the troop or how to keep them active. The idea of a separate patrol for the older scouts will reduce their time to mingle with the rest of the troop.
Scoutmaster: Dennis Gorospe
- 4 scouts completed Scoutmaster Conference for different ranks
- Anthony H agrees to stay as Historian for current term
- Availability of scholarship for scouts who did eagle projects
- City of Artesia Flag Ceremony on December 15, 2015

Treasurer: Eliza Ma

- Financial Report on File.
Quartermaster: Scott Kotake
- Purchased 5 Backpacking tents during Black Friday
Registration: Jenny Song

- Only need three more adults to complete YPT to finish recharter
- Spoke to Greater LA Council regarding how to change names for scouts to their official names; need to submit copies of birth certificates.

Eagle Guide: Ashok Chauhan

- Chris G in the pipeline to work on eagle project
- Victor P will do his project on January 9, 2015

Trail to 1st Class: Mike Simko

- Appreciates the many scouts and adults who assisted in events.
- Will need Troop Guides to help with Camp gadgets
- Dec 19: First Aid Requirements
- Feb 20 & 27: Orienteering + Map & Compass
Cub Scout Liaison: Steve Clinton
- Packs are dormant during winter break; will revisit after new year

Advancement: Joseph Antonio

- 7 scouts completed BOR in November; 2 confirmed for December with 2 more possible
- Suggestion by Scott Kotake to Greg Tecson to have some extra blue cards available in the Troop Bin. Will ask Grace Lee for extra supply.

Webmasters: Gemini Chang

- Update of new T693 website.
- CW announced the Google non-profit& Youtube channel status approved

Medical Chair: Glenn Hiu

- No report
- Suggestion by Mark Ingram to weed out aged-out scouts. Glenn will work with Santos.

Community Service: Not in Attendance

- Marcia reported Second Harvest Foodbank completed: 105 lb of green bean harvested and field maintenance done.
- CW reminds scouts to report eagle projects for Journey to Excellence

Adult Training: Not in Attendance

- No report

Trailmaster: Art Chang

- Philmont 2017 applications approved for 2 crews for July 20 – Aug 1 (not including travel time. Deposit due January 29, 2016. Will make announcement to the troop to recruit.
- Committee members voted to use Philmont Age Requirements.
- Log Cabin dates: July 23 – 29, 2016 is not confirmed yet because of lack of participation by other troops. Suggestion for CC and SM to announce it at December Roundtable Meeting.

Outing Chair: Charles Cho

- Need to collect Adventure Passes. Joseph Antonio will submit to Charles,

Unit Commissioner: Not in Attendance

- SM and Art Chang will attend Cross Country Training at Greater LA Council.


Horseback Riding:
Glenn Hiu already made final report in November.
Holiday Party:
Fourteen scouts signed up so far. Needs 20 minimum. Will open for siblings.
Ski Outing – January 15 – 17, 2016:
Advertisement in progress
Field Sports – February 5 – 7, 2016:
Reservation is being made at Firestone
Green and Gold – February 19, 2016:
Need replacement for Daniel Park as co-coordinator
Need balance of deposit by January 19, 2016.
Backpacking – March 19, 2016:
David Yong Choi will get help from Joseph Antonio to do surveys.
Grand Canyon – March & April 2016:
Dennis Huang presented a budget of $150.00/scout. Committee approved.
Northern Tier:
Frances Gorospe reported 8 scouts and 3 adults confirmed. Will start training at Newport Seabase. Open to other scouts as well. Wait-listed scouts are expected to train.
Summer Camp 2016 – Camp Kern:
Steve Clinton needs deposit of $75/scout by January 18, 2016. Will estimate and pay deposit by due date to reserve space.

Next Meeting: TUESDAY, January 12 @ 7 PM – Carmenita Middle School


1. Santos Kadi
2. Steve Clinton
3. Glenn Hiu
4. Jenny Song
5. Greg Tecson
6. Alok Sancheti
7. Art Chang
8. Rajiv Agrawal
9. Princess Surjopolos
10. Mark Ingram
11. David Yong Choi
12. Joseph Antonio
13. Marcia Antonio
14. Mike Simko
15. Frances Gorospe
16. Dennis Gorospe
17. Ashok Chauhan
18. Eliza Ma
19. Charles Cho
20. Jackie Lee
21. Charles Wei
22. Dennis Huang
23. Scott Kotake
24. Carl Wong

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