Committee Meeting - December 2009

Troop Agenda

Date: December 8, 2009.
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School in the auditorium
Chaired by: Maha Sadras
Total present: 20

ASM Meeting : 6:30-7:00 PM

  • I would like to say Thank You to our Scoutmaster Chad for all his work and dedication to the troop. We have confidence that you will lead this troop in the right direction and know that your have goals and objectives to give our scouts the best opportunities/experiences out there. This cannot be done alone so we the ASM team are here to help you achieve this goal and give you the support that you need. Each meeting we will highlight concerns in the troop and bring up scouts that are under the radar as falling behind or inactive and give mentoring and guidance where needed.
  • We will also focus on the Roles and Responsibilities of the ASM team one objective at a time.
  • ASM Patrol Assignment realignments discussed. Each ASM will have a set of scouts to guide through the year. Will follow up at least once a month with their Activeness/Rank advancement/Leadership responsibilities and mentor if needed.
  • Many scouts have new requirements effective Jan 1 2009, that are not completed or their is a date mismatch that needs to be corrected to match their rank advancement date. A insert for each scout book was sent by Terri to all scouts that should be printed and looked at to see if corrections need to be made. Scouts should bring their books to be updated and checked to our first scout meeting in January.
  • New BOR Performance Form was looked at and discussed. Any suggestions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the advancement team. * Also Richard has placed online a 1 hour course syllabus for parents to inform themselves with the BOR process.

Committee Chair

Maha Sadras

  • Thank you to everyone in Troop 693, for all their hard work, time and attention given, so that our troop runs smoothly and effectively. We all come together as a team to give each scout opportunities of many rewarding experience.
  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.- Margaret Mead

Scoutmaster’s Report

Chad Hoang

  • Scoutmaster Conference - 1 SMC (1- Eagle).
  • A concern regarding a scout not meeting what is necessary for his path to Eagle. Committee suggested that the scoutmaster should close the loop and talk to both the scout and parent so to make him aware that he will not be qualifying for Eagle.

Treasurer Report

Mi Kyong

  • Ending cash balance (Details on file).
  • Canoe and Fishing trip reimbursements have been submitted and will update balance for next committee meeting.
  • Budget concerns were brought to the table. Suggestion to have a reserve for 1 year or charge dues of $100 per scout toward administrative cost. Our yearly fundraiser will go toward subsidy for outing. Will publicize it to the troop to get feedback and will vote on this in January's committee meeting. Looking to implement troop dues effective October 2010.

Quartermaster Report

Victor Hsiang

  • Most of the backpacking equipment has been returned, however a tent was missing poles during the backpacking trip to San Jacinto. To address this issue committee suggested that tents should be distributed to scouts 1 week in advance to an outing to eliminate any disaster. The scout will be held accountable for making sure that the tent is complete for their trip.
  • Victor and son has patched up leak in storage bin.

Registration Report

Cynthia Dang (not in attendance

Outing Coordinator

Alok Sancheti

  • Congratulations to Alok for having that four leaf clover. Our troop is truly blessed with wonderful parents who volunteer their time so that our scouts can have rewarding experiences in their lives. We will have two crews going to Philmont. A total of 24, will need to get prepared and start logging in those backpacking/hiking miles.

Eagle Guide

Glenn Nishibayashi

  • CG had his Eagle Character Board on 11/11/09 and passed. Congratulation of your success and honor of Eagle.
  • Class of 2010 working on Eagle are JM,JW, TB, AW, KN and BC.
  • Class of 2011 met at Glenn's House on November 15, 2009 at 4PM to discuss Pathway to Eagle. All information was distributed and discussed.
  • Parent please encourage all older scouts to go on outings. Help them feel welcome and let them know that they are doing a great job as role models in our troop for the younger scouts.

Trail to 1st Class

Terry Domae

  • Glenn did some compass work with scouts at the San Jacinto backing outing.
  • Looking into setting up opportunity to complete requirement in building a camp fire and putting together and using the camp stove for rank advancement at Liberty Park during Christmas break.

Advancement Report

Susan Chung, Melody Chang, and Jill Villaseca (not in attendance)

  • Online Access/Data base training has been completed by our advancement team. All scout reports and advancement information migrating into district data base. This will soon be be available to the troop advancement team ad will be further discussed with troop once tested.
  • Next Board of Review scheduled for Thursday, January 21th, 2010. Thank You to all the parent volunteers.
  • All scouts need to remember to bring their scout book the first meeting of every month so that the records are complete and up to date.
  • All blue cards and white slips for BOR need to be given to Susan Chung only unless otherwise told.
  • Proposal to streamline the consistency of the BOR process was discussed. Will be sending out a report in regards to the 3 rank advancement responsibilities for review, along with the Troop 693 BOR Form. Any suggestions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the advancement team, so that it can be addressed and voted on at the next committee meeting.

Webmaster’s Report

Jay Shin

  • 2010 calendar is updated. If an email is sent to you, please respond ASAP so that information regarding outings can be posted in an efficient manner.

Event Updates

Hoa Pham

  • Remember Medicals Forms for adults registered in troop are required if you are participating on High Adventure Outing. No exceptions.
  • Reminder to all outing coordinators: All medicals must be updated prior to the outing for scouts and parents. Check below for soon to be expired medicals. See Hoa to turn in all updated medicals ASAP.

Community Relations

Jeanne Cha (not in attendance) and Jovita Fuente (not in attendance)

  • No Report

Adult Training

Richard Gilliland

  • Jay has put together a module on the Adult Training page for parents to view and Richard has posted LA/Orange County Links. Check them out and see all the available training going on along with online classes you can do in a short time to become certificated in various areas.
  • High Adventure training will be available in February. See page for more info.

Eagle Projects

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Summer Camp: Camp Witsett (2010)
  • Sumer Camp: Emerald Bay (2011)
  • Check out new Calendar - 2009 for updated events. Coordinators are collecting information and will have flyers available with information in prepartation of each outing.

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
October 9-11 Canoeing - October 2009 Dennis Gorospe San Diego 20 scouts attended trip. Many of them completed the merit badge class in either canoeing, motor boating, or small boat sailing. Three scouts went kayaking and had a blast. All reimbursements have been submitted and looks like we did very well in budgeting.
November 21 Backpacking - November 2009 Jay Shin San Jacinto in Palm Springs Was a successful outing. Still in the process of collecting reimbursements from those who attended.
December 12 Holiday Party - December 2009 Hoa Pham Laser Tag $15 cost per scout, siblings and adults who wish to play two games of Laser Tag. Food will be provided. We have currently 37 scouts signed up. Their is a change in time to 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm.
January 31 Bike Camping - January 2010 Ashok Chauhan Liberty Park to Long Beach Currently we have 11 scouts and 4 tentative going. Bike inspections tune-up ride will be arranged prior to outing. All scouts must have an extra tube, patch/tool kit, helmiet and gloves.
February 5 Snow Trip - February 2010 Hoa Pham Big Bear 20 people have signed up for this outing. Only open to adults and immediate family of Troop 693. Cost break down will be set up and distributed during mondays meeting. Last day to turn in deposit of $50 is December 18th.

Discussion Items and Other Business:

  1. Summer Camp - July 2010 Camp Whitsett. Registration has been made for 37 people. Our requested date of July 18 -24 was confirmed. Cost approximation is $450. A deposit of $100 is due by January 18th, 2010 to reserve your spot. Will start collecting deposit at next Mondays troop meeting. You can view information regarding Camp Whitsett at []
  2. Philmont - 2011 - Yeah to Alok for hitting the lotto and getting our troop two crews to attend Philmont. Must be 14 years or older as of January 2011 to be able to go. First payment of $100 was made.
  3. Grand Canyon - April 2010- Congratulation to Andrew and Jay for getting two permits allowing 22 people to go on this amazing outing. It will be a 6 day trip. If you are signed up to go, Andrew has sent out a video via email for your viewing pleasure. In preparation of this trip their will be training every Wednesday at the Town Center Parking structure across the street from TGIF at 7 pm. Along with these their will be a day hike on January 16th, an overnight hike on February 20th, a day hike on March 6th and an overnight hike on March 20th. Get prepared and ready scout for an experience of a life time.
  4. Backpacking tags with 10 essential will be handed out at the troop meeting so that scouts can attach them to their backpacks.
  5. Email List Google Group was discussed briefly and table to the next committee meeting.

Medical Forms

Medical forms HAVE been updated

Scout Expired On
Scout-Adam Wilson 09/11/2009
Scout-David Joves 09/16/2009
Scout-Ian Reyes 10/02/2009
Scout-Vignesh Sadras 10/06/2009
Scout-Joseph Moon 10/08/2009
Scout-Kent Chen 12/16/2009
Scout-Victor Dang 01/02/2010
Scout-Lawrence Dang 01/02/2010
Scout-Leo Kim 01/30/2010
Scout-Brian Hsiang 02/07/2010
Scout-Victor Peer 02/07/2010
Scout-Andrew Choi 02/16/2010
Scout-Edward Hsiang 02/16/2010
Scout-Eric Cho 02/20/2010
Scout-Brian Chen 03/16/2010
Scout-Tam Nguyen 03/20/2010
Scout-Kendall Nishibayashii 03/30/2010
Scout-Kevin Chang 03/31/2010
Scout-Cristian Preciado 04/01/2010
Scout-Jeffrey Tai 04/02/2010
Scout-Edward Yi 04/07/2010
Scout-Benjamin Liu 04/10/2010
Scout-Saumitra Kelkar 04/10/2010
Scout-Byron Chien 04/14/2010
Scout-Manav Rami 04/14/2010
Scout-Matthew Chern 04/15/2010
Scout-Mark Chern 04/15/2010
Scout-Ansh Sancheti 04/15/2010
Scout-Prithvi Chauhan 04/15/2010
Scout-Lancelot Chu 04/17/2010
Scout-Brandon Hojo 04/22/2010
Scout-Gerardo Gorospe 04/23/2010
Scout-Curtis Cha 04/23/2010
Scout-Vincent Gao 04/23/2010
Scout-Andrew Johnson 04/26/2010
Scout-Samuel Lee 05/07/2010

Next Comittee Meeting: January12, 2009 at 7:00 PM @ 7PM, Carmenita Middle School.

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