Committee Meeting August 2014

Date: Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Dennis Gorospe

Troop Agenda

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Count of Attendees: 12

Committee Chair Reports

Dennis G.
- Reservation for Court of Honor in August 25, Shoshone Park, is completed.
— Thanks everyone for the support. This is Dennis’ last meeting as Committee Chair. He will be the next Scoutmaster starting in September 2014.

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune
- The Jaguar patrol members will be splitting up into the various patrols in the troop.
- Eric remains active in our troop with an honorary title of “Emeritus” Scoutmaster

Treasurer Report

Eliza Ma
- Financial Report on File. Raised questions on the tax compliance issues regarding non-profit organization. Chad will look into the matter to determine if our Troop has a filing requirement.

Quartermaster Report

Scott Kotake
- Bin Clean up is scheduled this weekend. Mandatory for scouts.
- Issues regarding missing utensils/supplies in the patrol boxes. Members suggest labeling them by numbers or color coding it.
- Scott also suggests the distribution of tents after an outing should be assigned to older scouts to insure a better outcome of returned tent being cleaned.
- Previously, Frances Gorospe suggested to have the tents cleaned right after an outing before leaving the campsite and to be administered by coordinators of the outing.

Registration Report (Cynthia Dang)

- Not in attendance

Eagle Guide

Ashok Chauchan, Maha Sadras, Cristina Preciado
(Christina reported, Ashok and Maha were not present)
- Presented a list/schedule of scouts in progress of obtaining their Eagle Rank at various stages.
- 2015-2016 – scouts in the pipeline for Eagle Projects: 14

Trail to 1st Class

Charles Cho (absent), Francis Gorospe (present)
- No report


Grace, Jeanne, Linda, Chandy, Glenn H.
Jean Cha reported.
- Not in attendance
- Preparing for the COH on 8/25/14

Webmaster’s Report

- Not present
o Troop693@moc.elgoog|retsambew#moc.elgoog|retsambew, for any posting requests.

Medicals Chair Report

Santos Kadi
- All are updated

Community Service

Carl Wong
- Henry Lee will transition in for next term
- 2nd Harvest is coming up, to be coordinated by Henry Lee. Planning for November 22, 2014
- CHOC Walk is also coming up.
- Mark Nagayama presented a community service opportunity with a nonprofit group (C3). Possible Eagle Scout project can come of this and it consists of gardening, weeding, and cleaning

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
July 26-Aug. 2 Log Cabin-2014 Frances Gorospe Lee Vining, CA - Completed – Went well, but possible that future Log Cabin sponsored program may be in jeopardy as only a few troop within the district participates in this outing.
Sep 13-14 Beach Outing- Sep 2014 Anjali Atkins/Chandanika Gunawardena Mission Bay Aquatic Center
Sep 27 Training hike El Dorado Park -Training Hike for new scouts scheduled in September 27 at El Dorado Park.
2015 Philmont Philmont kick off meeting schedule for September 19.
Oct Backpacking- Oct 2014 Scott Kotake / Jay Chiang Jay is surveying a couple for hiking trails for the October backpacking trip

Next Committee Meeting: September 9th, 2014 @ 7PM, Carmenita Middle School

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