Committee Meeting - August 2007

Date: August 14, 2007
Location: Newport Room, CPE
Chaired by: Peter Prana for Abraham Oh; Ed Johnson, Secretary
Total present: 15

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • 1 SM conference scheduled in the past month (Victor Dang for 2nd Class)
  • Jason Wiguna goes for his Eagle Character Board Wednesday, August 15

Treasurer Report

Raj Parikh, Mi Kyong Choi

  • Details on file

Registration Report

William Chen

  • No Report

Advancement Report

  • No Report. Adam Wilson had his Board of Review for Life on the train en route home from Philmont

Eagle Guide

Glen Nishibayashi

  • Meeting next Monday (August 20) immediately after the Troop meeting at Nishibayashi’s for Scouts that are 16 and/or Life rank regarding the newly revised Rank Advancement Guidelines.

Quartermaster’s Report

Floyd Wilson

  • No Report. We did, however, have a brief discussion about how to better account for the gear.

Webmaster's Report

Michael Chern

  • A suggestion was made to include the Reimbursement form and the Tour permit on the site (vs. clicking a link that takes you to a different site.)

Trail to First Class

Maha Sadras

  • No report. Sun, 8/19 7am at Heritage Park, SE corner for Orienteering (1st Class requirement)

Chairman’s Report

Peter Prana for Abraham Oh

  • Special thanks again to the Nishibayashis for again hosting the Pot Luck dinner

Event Updates

  • The assigned Outing Coordinator should be prepared to address/update the Committee at least three months prior to the event (and at least six months prior for major events such as long Term, Summer Camp, etc.)
  • See Calendar

Discussion Items and Other Business:

Adult Training

  • Eric Steigler will update troop database regarding who has completed what training

Committee Chair replacement

  • We’re looking for a replacement for Abraham Oh
  • [Editor’s note:] Having been Troop Committee Chair for several years, I think I can speak knowledgeably about what it takes to be successful….
    • First and foremost, someone is who is a good planner and organizer,
    • Second, someone who can ramrod things to get done and hold people accountable,
    • Third, someone who is a good meeting manager, and
    • Fourth, a good communicator.
    • These skills are NOT common, but I respectfully suggest that all are critical to successful performance in this role and are more important than Scout knowledge or experience. Just my two cents worth……

Donations from Experian

  • Glenn has been getting regular donation form Experian. For every 50 volunteer hours he contributes, Experian donates $500!

Subsidy levels for events/outings:

  • Editor’s note: I believe that Summer Camp is the #1 priority for Scouts (especially younger ones) and I suggest that we subsidize at least $100 per Scout. Similarly, it is my opinion that Philmont is a once-in–a lifetime experience and is the epitome of Scouting, but is about $1000. I suggest that we subsidize $250 per participant (one time only), inclusive of this year.
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