Committee Meeting April 2015

Date: Tuesday, Mar 14th, 2015 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School

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Troop Agenda

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Troop 693 April 2015 Minutes of Meeting

Eagle Project Presentation – Thisara Gunawardhana
- Main project is to paint parking lot at Gonsalves Elementary School in Cerritos
- Additional project is to collect new/used backpacks to be donated in Sri Lanka
- Committee approved Thisara project.

Committee Chair – Santos Kadi
- Frontier District requested T693 to do opening flag ceremony at Roundtable meeting in May 2015.
- T693 is requested to provide snacks and drink for Cracker Barrel at Roundtable.
- Committee approved $25.00 budget to purchase snacks and drink.

Scoutmaster – Dennis Gorospe
- Completed two Eagle BOR for Alan J and Benjamin D
- New leadership applications due; SM/ASM Meeting on 4/29/2015
- Ready for Camporee

Treasurer – Eliza Ma
- Financial Report on File

Quartermaster – Scott Kotake
- Buy new poles and hemp ropes, filters – approved by committee
- Will order more Class B t-shirts for summer camp – approved by committee
- Will need to buy 5 backpacking stoves – approved by committee
- Will buy material to make bear bag and dining fly ($150) – approved by committee
- Will order troop numeral patches – approved by committee
- Bin clean up was completed

Registration – not present
- Total new roster: 65 scouts and 86 adult members

Eagle Guide – Ashok Chauhan
- Prithvi & Gerardo received National Confirmation
- Benjamin & Alan completed District Character Board on 3/12/15
- Isaac S and Samuel C completed Eagle project
- Thisara presented project for Committee approval in April
- Eagle project planning phase: Victor P; Manav R
- Eagle project preliminary meetings: Dylan S, Siddarth M
- Pre-Eagle BOR: Edward K; Chris G; Justin C

Trail to First Class – Charles Cho
- Totin Chit and Fireman Chit will be done in Camporee

Advancement – Joseph Antonio

- March Board of Review
- Willian W – 1st Class
- Michael R – 2nd Class
- Richie C – 2nd Class
- April Board of Review
- Thomas K - 1st Class
- Michael R – 1st Class
- Brian H – 1st Class
- Lamour A – 1st Class
- Isaac Lee – Star Scout

Webmaster – Rajiv Agrawal
- No report

Medical Chair – Glenn Hiu
- Working to update expired forms

Community Service - not present
- Compton Initiative delayed to July 18th, 2015

Training Chair - Carl Wong
- New parents orientation completed
- SM/ASM Trainings done

Outing Chair – Jay Chiang
- Need new coordinators for:
- Beach Outing
- Deep Sea Fishing – Mike Simko volunteers


February 2015: Green and Gold – reported by Santos Kadi
Donation to FOS $518.39

March 2015: Backpacking – Daniel Park
No final accounting yet

April 2015: Kayaking – D. Gorospe
Trip completed successfully.
Final accounting presented – tips caused deficit of $163.43

May 2015: Camporee – Eliza Ma; Linda Phong
Adults need to do meal planning

May 2015: Whitewater Rafting – Scott Kotake
Whitewater rafting canceled due to low water. Replacement of ocean kayaking canceled due to lack of interest and shortage of time to prepare.

June 2015: Flag Day – Glenn Nishibayashi
Sub-committee met with Sherre Titus from City of Cerritos at Heritage Park regarding logistics
Needs a videographer
Already collected close to 100 used flags

June 2015: Century Ride – Rajiv Agrawal/Ashok Chauhan
Total 8 scouts participating; Will try to include camping in outing

July 2015: Summer Camp – Chandy Gunawardhana
Two summer camp meeting scheduled for May 26 and June 23.

July 2015 - Fundraising
Ready for mandatory meeting on May 18, 2015.

July 2015 – Philmont
Two training hikes planned: May 15-17 and Jun 19-21

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