Committee Meeting April 2011

Date: April 12, 2011 7 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Alok Sancheti
Total present:26

Troop Agenda

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Eagle Project Proposal

  • None to present

Committee Chair Report

Alok Sancheti

  • City of Cerritos Food Booth for 4th of July will not be put up by our troop.
  • Gordon wanted to find out if eagle scouts can start the fund raising before getting the approval from district - answer: cannot start fund raising

Scoutmaster’s Report

Chad Hoang

  • 3 SC conference
  • New scout leadership in place
  • Camporee is big event - 90 people participating (diivided into 6 patrol of 10 scouts each)
  • New initiative - scout to be more responsible, PL+ consider helping out troop in projects, planning the outing

e.g. Curtis was in-charge for campsite, Jonathan coordinate MB, Lancelot for flags

Treasurer Report

Mi Kyong

  • Ending cash balance (Details on file).
  • 6 tents reimbursed for .

Quartermaster Report

Victor Hsiang

  • New parent - 12 t-shirt, 19 t-shirt sold, will order 50 - 55 more shirts.
  • All backpacking stuff returned, except for few tarps
  • Bought plastic tarp for convenience tent

Registration Report

Cynthia Dang (not in attendance)

Outing Coordinator

Andrew Chen

  • New updated information: company name and policy numbers. Insurance information can also be found at Forms
  • Troop permit must be filled out one week prior to an outing and must be cleared before any outing progresses.
  • Snow Trip - all has been submitted
  • Will need to work with August coordinator as they are new

Eagle Guide

Maha Sadras

  • Currently Working with one eagle scout.
  • 4 scouts interested in proposing an eagle project.
  • New scouts must make sure that they fulfill rank of scout before they begin any requirements there on.

Trail to 1st Class

Dennis Gorospe/Terry Domae

  • All scouts passed trail to 1st class
  • Last summer camp sign off pending, will sign them off if they can answer the questions, otherwise they will have to do it again
  • Need summer camp orientation

Advancement Report

Susan, Melody, Grace(not in attendance), Jeanne

  • Step by step guide for BOR / MB will be nice to have
  • 1 Eagle, 3-pre-eagle, 2 star, 2-2nd class
  • Only 1 request for BOR for April
  • Attendance will be sent to ASMs, for rest available on request

Webmaster’s Report

Jay Shin

  • New roster updated on the website

Medicals Chair Report

Uttara Kelkar(not in attendance)

  • Some new scouts missing medical form for camporee

Community Relations

Kiran Rami(not in attendance), Anjali Atkins(not in attendance)

Adult Training

Richard Gilliland(not in attendance)

  • Richard has put together a module on the Adult Training page for parents to view and Richard has posted LA/Orange County Links. Check them out and see all the available training going on along with online classes you can do in a short time to become certificated in various areas. (BSA E-learning Center)

Eagle Projects

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Summer Camp: Emerald Bay (2011)

Check out new Calendar - 2011 for updated events. Coordinators are collecting information and will have flyers available with information in preparation of each outing.

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
Feb 4-6 Snow Trip - February 2011 Lilibelle Reyes, Julie Won Big Bear All expenses reimbursed
Mar 4 Green and Gold – March 2011 Jovita De La Fuente, Vasantha, Mala Skyline Room Cerritos Library All payments received except 3
Mar 12-13 Backpacking – March 2011 Santos Kadi, Jay Chiang Point Magu in Malibu All expenses reimbursed, mileage reimbursed for 14 cents
April 15-17 Camporee – April 2011 Serena Szu, Linda Phong, Su Yon Kim, Vasantha Sri Firestone Camping Reservation Big event 40 people from pack are coming. Chad is not going, Terry will be the SM. They are in the process of tying up all the close ends
May 14-15 Rifle Shooting/Shotgun - May 2011 Richard and Charles Location Whittier Narrow Committee approved to allow shotgun to all the scouts, not just 14+, as Terry said that there will be 1:1 ratio between instructor and scout. Also it is a controlled environment
May 16 Fundraising Meeting - May 2011 Claire / Mee / Jovita Carmenita MS Sign Up to work fireworks booth
June 23-26 Whitewater / Fishing - June 2011 Ed Johnson Kern river Only 3 scouts have signed up till now, looking for more sign ups, 1 day of whitewater + 1 day of fishing / hiking
July 10-16 Summer Camp – July 2011 Christina Preciado Emerald Bay If there are 35 scouts, 5 parents can go; otherwise only 4 parents. Committee decided against allowing parents to pay and go
Sept 17-18 Kayaking/Snorkeling - September 2011 Jas Jahic, Dennis Gorospe Oxnard –Channel Island Approximately $210 per scout (one night camping, two days kayaking)- $25 subsidy

Discussion Items and Other Business:

  • New scout orientation complete - thanks to everybody who helped out
  • Mileage reimbursement increased to .25 cents a mile or actuals
  • 1 scout in waiting list, will have to wait till waiting list is opened next time

Medical Forms

Expiry date of Medical form can be found ad Medical Form Expiry

Next Committee Meeting: May 10, 2011 @ 7PM, Carmenita Middle School.

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