Colorado River Trip 2015

Start Date: 4/7/15
End Date: 4/9/15
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Carmenita Middle School
Forms Needed: TroopPermissionSlip, Waiver Form
Coordinators: Dennis L. Gorospe, DDS
Cost: $190
Things to bring: Camping Checklist

Online Sign-up Form:


The canoe trip down the Colorado River is on 4/7/15 - 4/9/15. This is a 12 mile canoe journey starting from Hoover Dam and ends in Willow Beach.

Highlights of the trip:
1. Hoover Dam, one of the great public works
2. Hike through canyons with naturally warm spring waters
3. Flow down the Colorado River amongst scenic rock formations
4. Enjoy ramen with hot water spouting from the rocks!


Please note that we will need your commitments ASAP to secure our launch date. If the 4/8/15 gets sold out, we will not be able to go. Please complete the waiver form below. A $5/person deposit + launch permit of $17/person is needed, which are non-refundable.

A minimum of 10-12 participants is required with at least 2-4 adults.

Waiver form:


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