Choc Walk - October 2008

Start Date: Sunday, October 19th, 2008 5:30 AM
End Date: Sunday, October 19th, 2008 10:00 AM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Carmenita Middle School
Location: Disneyland Resort
Forms Needes: Troop 693 Permission Slip
Coordinator: Jeanne Cha
Last Date to Register: October 14, 2008
Cost: Pledge / donation of minimum $50 per partcipant
Uniform: Class B


  • Benefit for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County
  • 5K walk through Disneyland and California Adventure
  • A fun “walk in the park” for a great organization
  • Scout who raises the most money will win two tickets to Disneyland Resort

How to Register

Register on line at by October 14, 2008

Registration Date Extended: There has been a change in the "check in" date and I will be checking in for the walkers on Tuesday (October 14). Please register on line and make sure that your $50 pledge is posted by the morning of the 14th.

  1. Click join a team
  2. Click join as a team member
  3. Scroll down to Troop 693
  4. Enter requested information
  5. Read and click waiver
  6. Enter personal information
  7. Enter pay now or pledge payment

We will be alerted each time a walker registers under Troop 693


  • We will check-in as a team and walker information/donation will be delivered on October 12, 2008. The wrist bands and t-shirts will be picked up at this time. Everyone must be registered on line by October 4th in order to collect donations/ compile runner information prior to check-in.
  • This is a “fun and easy walk” to raise funds for Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Joyson stayed at CHOC and we can definitely show our appreciation by supporting this event.

Hope to see you there!

Meeting the Requirements for the Citizenship Merit Badge

Few inquiries have been received regarding our community service projects-whether or not they meet any of the requirements for the Citizenship Merit Badge. Below is a correspondence from Larry Stern, our Citizenship Merit Badge Counselor. Although he is referring to this CHOC Walk, the same criteria applies to other community service projects as well. (i.e. OC Food Bank and the farming project). Since most of our community service projects last less than 8 hours, a second and third sessions need to be scheduled on your own time to fulfill the 8 hour requirement. Also, it is the scout's responsibility to contact Mr. Stern and get approval for whichever community service he decides to pursuit.

Notes Citizenship Merit Badge Counselor - Larry

Below are the Citizenship Merit Badge Requirement below that addresses the community service issue. I would say that if a scout did all three requirements then the answer would be yes. The problem is that the Choc Walk is only 5 K, which is about three miles which doesn't take 8 hours. If a scout wanted to volunteer to work in advance by helping organize the event, help stage the event, keep records, provide post-walk support etc all of which adds up to close to 8 hours, then I would accept this as a community service component for this badge.

Do the following:

  1. Choose a charitable organization outside of Scouting that interests you and brings people in your community together to work for the good of your community.
  2. Using a variety of resources (including newspapers, fliers and other literature, the Internet, volunteers, and employees of the organization), find out more about this organization.
  3. With your counselor's and your parent's approval, contact the organization and find out what young people can do to help. While working on this merit badge, volunteer at least eight hours of your time for the organization. After your volunteer experience is over, discuss what you have learned with your counselor.

If any of the boys want to work on the badge and use this event, then they can call me for approval (require C) and I'll be happy to explain it and work with them.

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