Caving Checklist

Personal Articles

  1. Toothbrush / Toothpaste
  2. Hairbrush or Comb
  3. Deodorant
  4. Small shampoo
  5. Small soap (liquid or solid)
  6. Washcloth
  7. 2 towels (medium size)
  8. Waterproof sunscreen
  9. Full-brimmed hat (with chin strap, if possible)
  10. Sunglasses with safety strap
  11. Good insect repellant
  12. Camera (disposable and/or waterproof)
  13. Good sleeping bag
  14. Insulating ground pad
  15. Any personal medications required (notify adult leader ahead of time)
  16. 2-3 plastic trash bags for dirty and wet clothing

Personal Clothing

(for 7 day drip)

  1. 7 fresh pair of underwear for each day
  2. 1 pair of comfortable shoes for travel and for wearing around camp
  3. 5 pair of fresh socks
  4. 1 pair of day hiking boots
  5. 1 pair of polypropylene socks
  6. 1 pair of wool hiking socks
  7. 3 green troop T-shirts (minimum), will be wearing at all times during traveling
  8. 2-3 pair regular shorts (whatever type you like to wear)
  9. 3-4 regular T-shirts to wear around camp and on the river
  10. 1 long sleeve T-shirt and/or sweatshirt to wear in the evening if it gets cool
  11. 2 sets of comfortable clothing for traveling in the car. It is important that the clothing for traveling be comfortable, light weight and CLEAN (including your shoes)
  12. 1 set of clean clothes to sleep in (clean socks and knit cap will help you keep warm if needed)
  13. 1 lightweight jacket. If it gets cool, you can wear layers to keep warm
  14. 1 pair of sweat pants (they are nice to wear around camp in case it cools down)

Caving Clothing

It is important to remember that this part of our adventure is fun, but you will have to get down and dirty. The clothing that you pack for this part of trip will get very dirty and probably be ruined. Buy some clothing and lace up high top tennis shoes from the ‘goodwill’ type store, because you will probably be throwing them in the trash when you get home.

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