Camporee April 2009 Planning

Camporee Planning

By February 23

  1. invite pack 529 webelos 1 (S. Kadi)
  2. obtain district flyer and provide to committee / scoutmaster

By March 10 (parent meeting)

  1. create flyer
  2. create master permission slips
  3. distribute flyer to troop, webpage, pack 529
  4. manage signups (scout and adult, plus pack 529), permission slips, payments
  5. provide scoutmaster updates to camporee info so greenbar can prepare
  6. recruit one adult - for trailer - if needed
  7. ensure new scouts understand what is going on, and what they need to bring
  8. create time-line for outing

By April 3

  1. Prepare Tour Permit, and email to Danette at Council

By April 10

  1. provide signup list to scoutmaster for patrol division and scout meal planning
  2. find out spl for trip, and ensure spl has camporee info and understands responsibilities (e.g., cracker barrel)
  3. adult meal planning, assign cooks
  4. understand car capacities people and equipment
  5. ensure tour permit is in place
  6. Prepare expense forms
  7. Prepare driving directions, and post to website

April 24th

  1. pass out expense forms for adults
  2. pass out driving directions
  3. pass out package to 3 adults - scoutmaster, and two others that include the timeline, copy of tour permit, adult patrols and meal planning, driving direction, camporee flyer (district),
  4. ensure all scouts are accounted for and drivers have permission slips
  5. assign tents

April 26th

  1. log tents and equipment out to scouts for cleaning
  2. ensure all scouts are accounted for
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