Camporee - April 2009

Camporee Date Moved Back One Week from April 17th to 24th

Start Date: Friday, April 24th, 2009 5:00 PM
End Date: Sunday, April 26th, 2009 11:00 AM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Carmenita Middle School
Location: Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base, 4522 Saratoga, Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Forms Needed: Troop 693 Permission Slip (generic), T693 Permission Slip for Camporee 2009
Coordinator: Terry Domae, Jeanne Cha
Cost: $25 per scout
Last Date to Signup: March 30th 2009


uploaded by Lancelot,pictures by Mr. Hoang


The theme of this Camporee is "Leave no Trace".

All new scouts joining the troop should seriously consider attending this outing, it will be a good opportunity to do rank advancement.

Latest Information from the district: Camporee packet (2mb pdf)

Note: Sunset will be about 7:30pm. So, we should have some daylight to complete campsite setup.

++Things to bring
Checkout the Camping Checklist; especially the sections titled:

  • "Small Backpack",
  • "Personal Hygiene", and
  • "Shelter and Bedding".

Also bring the following:

  • Class A Uniform (Worn Friday night for check-in)
  • Class B Uniform (Troop Green Tee)
  • Sack Lunch for Friday Night - Both Scouts and Adults
  • Walkie-Talkie GMRS/FRS (Ground Mobile Radio Service / Family Radio Service) for camp and driving coordination if you have one - Adults only.

Note: Everything should be packed into a duffle or other suitable container. As usual, the troop will provide tents for the scouts, and adults (as necessary). Cooking supplies are provided in the Troop Patrol boxes. Scouts cannot bring a folding chair.

This year due to increased security at the base, water will not be available. This will be a DRY CAMP. We need to plan to bring enough water for the entire unit.

++What is a Camporee?

BSA districts or councils may hold a camporee once or twice a year. Typically, the camporee involves competitions, with events such as fire building, knot tying, first aid, emergency preparedness, pioneering or orienteering. Some camporees also integrate work on merit badges. The camporee may be centered around a central theme such as living history, horsemanship, aquatics, shooting sports, a historical trail, a service project, and most recently Geocaching. Camporees often have a campfire program with awards and presentations, skits and songs. Camporees also may have a service project that helps the hosting facility. Typical service projects could be pruning trees, spreading mulch or trash pick up.

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