Camporee 2015

Start Date: Friday, 5/1/2015
End Date: Sunday, 5/3/2015
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: 3:00 pm @ Carmenita Middle School - Rear Parking Lot (Enter thru Carmenita)
Firestone Scout Reservation
19005 Tonner Canyon Rd., Brea, CA 92821
Forms Needed: Camporee Permission Slip, Centenoree Permission Form
Coordinator: Linda Phong / Eliza Ma / Jeanne Cha
Cost: $30 ($37 after March 25, 2015)
Last day to sign up: April 15, 2015
Things to bring:
Camping Checklist

Flyer: Camporee 2015 Flyer

Camporee Map: Camporee Map

Camporee schedule: Camporee Schedule

Online Sign-up Form:

Reference Info:
LAAC Centennial Camporee Flyer

Camporee pictures link:


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