By Laws

Intent: It is intended that these by-laws conform to the policy prescribed by the National Council, B.S.A. and provide a basic outline of certain duties, responsibilities and procedures for the troop.

Article I - Organization

Name: Troop 693, Boy Scouts of America (B.S.A.)
Sponsorship: Parents of Troop 693
Purpose: To promote scouting in the community.

Article II - Membership

Qualifications: As specified by the National Council, B.S.A. and the parents’ committee of Troop 693:

  1. Every boy who applies must learn the Scout Oath, Scout Law, the Scout Motto and Scout Slogan, and be willing to live by and up to the standards of these ideals.
  2. Every boy who applies must be 11 years old or have completed the 5th grade or earned the Arrow of Light in the Cub Scouts.
  3. Every boy who applies must complete a B.S.A. high adventure medical form.
  4. Every boy who joins must be in full uniform by the third month of membership in the troop. The full uniform is required for attendance at summer camp.

Costs: As specified by the parents’ committee of Troop 693 and B.S.A.:

  1. Upon application, the minimum current annual fee will be collected to be distributed as follows:
    1. Scout registration.
    2. Adult registration.
    3. Boys’ Life Magazine (optional).
  2. If any costs create a hardship, the parents’ committee chairman or the Scoutmaster may be contacted and appropriate accommodations will be worked out.

Article III - Discpline


  1. Individuals may be suspended from troop activities, at the discretion of the Scoutmaster along with the parents’ committee, for the following:
    1. Alcohol or illegal drugs – immediate, indefinite suspension and no re-registration.
    2. Misconduct, defined as but not limited to, foul or abusive language, smoking, starting unauthorized fires, disobedience, fighting, lying, cheating or stealing.
    3. Improper uniform – Prescribed uniform must be worn at all troop functions unless otherwise directed.
    4. Unexcused absences – More than two (2) unexcused absences in succession, or in excess of six (6) per year. Absences for illness, hardship, schoolwork or family functions are the only ones considered excused. Absence for sports participation shall be submitted to the Scoutmaster for approval. It shall be the responsibility of the Scout to notify his patrol leader or the S.P.L. and have approval of the Scoutmaster for an absence to be excused.
  2. It is the intention that no Scout be allowed to get to these limits without counseling from the adult leadership.
  3. It is also intended that these disciplines be progressive in severity and are not meant to preclude lesser disciplines.
  4. The parent(s) or guardian(s) will be notified in writing for any suspension.
  5. After three (3) suspensions, the Scout will be put on indefinite suspension and not be re-registered.
  6. It is understood that there may be other, unspecified reasons for discipline. These will be acted on in the appropriate manner.
  7. These disciplines may be instituted by the acting Scoutmaster or the adult in charge of an outing or function, pending verification by the Scoutmaster along with the parents’ committee.


  1. It will be the responsibility of the parent(s) or guardian(s) to appeal the suspension to the parents’ committee chairman within seven (7) days. The parents’ committee chairperson must schedule a special meeting along with the Scoutmaster, three (3) committee members, the Scout and his parent(s) or guardian(s) in attendance. If no appeal is made, the above procedure will still be necessary for reinstatement.
  2. Reinstatement will be made with a majority affirmative vote of the special committee, excluding the Scout and his parent(s) or guardian(s).

ArticleIV – Governance

A committee comprised of the parents or guardians of the Scouts of Troop 693 shall govern troop activities. The committee shall meet on a regular schedule to plan, schedule and monitor all troop activities including troop meetings, outings, award ceremonies, community service, finances and fund raising. The committee may appoint officers as necessary to carry out the various duties.

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