Bike Safety & Bike Inspection Session

Bike Safety & Inspection

Date: Sunday, November 3, 3013
Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Meeting Point: Sunshine Park, Cerritos

  • Make sure you attend the training and inspection session to prepare for the outing.
  • At the training we will inspect your bikes, helmets etc.
  • Go over bike rules and safety issues.

Mandatory: helmet, gloves, water bottle, rear light (red), spare inner tube, pump (or CO2 unit), tire levers, patch kit, wrench (for nuts on wheel axles if wheels do not have quick release levers).

Forms Needed: Permission Slip


  • Please read How to Buy a Bike before buying a bike
  • For this ride bring whichever bike you currently have
  • If you plan to buy a new bike. Buy one which has gears, so BMX bikes will not work. Please speak with Mr. Jay Chiang or Mr. Gorospe so that they can suggest the size / fit best for you.
  • Bring helmets and gloves you will NOT BE ALLOWED to ride without a helmet or gloves.
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