Bike Camping - January 2009

Start Date: Saturday, January 31st, 2009 9:00 AM
End Date: Sunday, February 1st, 2009 12:01 PM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Cerritos Regional Park (near Tennis Courts)
Location: El Dorado Park, Long Beach, CA changed from Santa Fe Dam
Forms Needed: Troop 693 Permission Slip
Coordinator: Terri Botello, Alok Sancheti, Larry Stern, Ed Johnson
Cost: $25 per scout
Last Date to Signup: January 12th, 2009
Things to bring: Camping Checklist, Bikes (see below), Sack luch for Saturday
Merit Badge Worksheet: Cycling Merit Badge Worksheet.doc
Other Training Rides: Training Bike Rides - 2009


  • This is the first outing in preparation of the Long Term Bike Ride - August 2009.
  • This does not mean only scouts going to long-term bike ride should attend this outing. This is open to all; and at a given time we will not ride more than 9 miles.
  • We will be meeting at Cerritos Regional Park NOT at CMS
  • After leaving our gears e.g. tents, sleeping bags etc. at the park, which an adult volunteer will take to El Dorado Park.
  • Thereafter we will bike for about 9 miles to Seal Beach, next to the flood water Coyote Creek. In the map, you will see the bike trail next to the blue path.
  • After having the sack lunch at the beach and relaxing, we will bike for about 4 miles to El Dorado Park.
  • We will camp overnight at the park
  • Next day after breakfast and pack-up we will ride our bikes back to Cerritos Regional Park; while an adult volunteer will get our gear to the Cerritos Regional Park.


  • We will cover some requirements for Cycling Merit Badge, you can use Cycling Merit Badge Worksheet.doc
  • Scouts will NOT be carrying the tents etc. on bike, but we will load them in cars and drive them to El Dorado Park. Scouts will be carrying a small hydration pack or water and energy bar with them on the bike. Of course that means we will need couple of adult volunteers to drive the stuff to El Dorado Park, they may or may not camp with us.
  • Only helmets and gloves are mandatory, other things like bike shorts, jersy with Ed had discussed on the January 5th meeting are optional.
  • It will be a good idea to get a bike lock. We will be biking close to the beach where we can park the bikes and walk up to the beach if we have locks.


Day Miles Time
Cerritos Regional Park to Seal Beach 9 1 hr 30 min
Seal Beach to El Darodo Park 6 1 hr
Total: 15 2hr 30 min
El Darodo Park to Foster Road 13.5 1 hr 30 min
Foster Road to Cerritos Regoinal Park 6.5 30 min
Total: 20 2 hr
Grand Total: 35 4 hr 30 min


No. Scout Permission Slip Medical Paid Patrol Notes
1. Scout-Tam Nguyen Y Y $25.00 2
2. Scout-Leonard Kim Y Y $25.00 C 1 SPL
3. Scout-Rickey Gilliland Y Y $25.00 2
4. Scout-Brian Chen Y Y $25.00 1
5. Scout-Curtis Cha Y Y $25.00 1
6. Scout-Patrick De La Funte Y Y $25.00 2
7. Scout-Byron Chien Y Y $25.00 1
8. Scout-Ansh Sancheti Y Y $25.00 1 PL
8. Scout-Matthew Chern Y Y $25.00 2 PL
10. Scout-Mark Chern Y Y $25.00 2 PL
11. Scout-Justin Wang Y Y $25.00 2
12. Scout-Mitchell Hoang Y Y $25.00 C 1
13. Scout-Lawrence Dang Y Y $25.00 2 returned on Sat, did not ride back
Total: $325.00
No. Adult Notes
1. Alok Sancheti vegetarian
2. Richard Gilliland
3. Gordon Davis
4. Eric Aune no biking
5. Ed Johnson did not camp
6. Glenn Nishibayashi did not camp
7. Hoa Ngyuen returned Sat, did not ride back
8. Hien Dang returned Sat, did not camp
9. Bill Chen returned Sat, did not camp
10. Mark Nagayama returned Sat, did not camp
11. Hai Ngyuen drive for pickup and drop-off
12. Jeanne Cha drive for pickup and drop-off

Training & Inspection

Date: Jan 10th, 2009
Time: 8:00 AM
Meeting Point: Liberty Park, Cerritos

  • Make sure you attend the training and inspection session to prepare for the outing.
  • At the training we will inspect your bikes, helmets etc.
  • Go over bike rules and safety issues.
  • Thereafter we will ride on Coyote Creek Bike Path for about 6 miles.
  • We rode 12.5 miles on the bike path, some scouts rode from home to Liberty Park, hence extra miles.
No. Attendance Miles*
1 Scout-Joseph Moon 12.5
2 Scout-Curtis Cha 16.5
3 Scout-Patrick De La Funte 12.5
4 Scout-Byron Chien 17.0
5 Scout-Tam Nguyen 12.5
6 Scout-Brian Chen 12.5
7 Scout-Cristian Preciado 12.5
8 Scout-Rickey Gilliland 17.5
9 Scout-Ansh Sancheti 21.5
10 Scout-Gerardo Gorospe 16.0

Thanks to the following adults who went with the scouts:

No. Adult
1 Ed Johnson
2 Larry Stern
3 Gordon Davis
4 Glenn Nishibayashi
5 Christina Precadio
6 Dennis Gorospe
7 Richard Gilliland
8 Hoa Nguyen
9 Alok Sancheti


  • Please read How to Buy a Bike before buying a bike
  • For this ride bring whichever bike you currently have
  • If you plan to buy a new bike. Buy one which has gears, so BMX bikes will not work. Please speak with Ed Johnson so that he can suggest the size / fit best for you.
  • For the long term bike ride, we will use bikes with smooth tires (with or without grooves). They are much easier to peddle than having wide knobby tires that the boys probably have now. The knobby tires will be OK for the first few short rides.
  • If you currently own a mountain bike (the bike where tires have grooves), do not worry we will be converting the tires. You do not have to buy a new bike just for this reason.
  • Bring helmets and gloves you will NOT BE ALLOWED to ride without a helmet or gloves.
  • Patch kit, pumps will be needed for longer rides; for the training rides you do not need them.
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