Backpacking October 2014

Start Date: October 18 2014 6:00am
End Date: October 19 2014
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Carmenita Middle School on Saturday
Location: Little Jimmy Trail Camp
Forms Needed: Permission Slip
Contact: Scott Kotake / Jay Chiang
Cost: $20 per scout
Sign-up form:


Please remember to bring along the following:

  • signed permission slip
  • renewed/signed medical form, if yours have expired
  • 2 Nalgenes
  • layered clothing (it could be cold overnight)
  • full brim hat
  • compass and whistle around your neck
  • hiking poles if you have them
  • sun glasses
  • pack your backpack accordingly per the checklist attached to your backpack

No jeans, no electronics, no exception. We'll distribute food/cookware at the trailhead to rebalance your backpack load.

If the weather permits, we can do daytime & night time navigation, for those who needs that requirement. You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge of directions using 2 methods (without compass), both for daytime and for night night, so review your scout book and come prepared.

For 5-mile orienteering, a topo map will be provided for you at the beginning of the hike. You will need to take compass measurements at every pack-off break to determine your current location & elevation by using surrounding landmarks such as buildings/structures, mountain peaks, communication towers, etc. So brush up on your map and compass knowledge before the trip.

Training Hike: Saturday Sept 27th at 7am @ Long Beach Library parking lot at El Dorado Park
Learn the basics and advanced tips of backpacking. Enjoy the great outdoors in a way many people will never experience. We will have training hike and inspections to ensure a memorable experience. Come and join the fun!
Backpacking photo link:


More pictures and videos !!!

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