Aviation Merit Badge

Vital Statistics

Location: Chino Airport map of area
Date/Time: September 20 and October 18, 8am to 4pm
Uniform: Class A
Forms Needed: Young Eagles - Registration Forms
Coordinator: Terry Domae (for questions), signups are directly with Dave Prizio
Weather: If rain is forecast, we will reschedule this event
Things to bring: Merit badge book, Notebook, Pencil, Ruler, Water, Lunch, Wide Brimmed Hat, Sunblock

Be Prepared

Read your merit badge book, and complete the worksheet from meritbadge.com.

See Local Young Eagles Chapter for more information, click events to see the required forms.

It is at the Chino Airport and will be running from 8 to 4pm (or later). You get to tour the air museum, do a preflight, and fly a plane for 20 min to 45 min. Note the event is free, but it would be nice to offer the pilots maybe $15 to $20 to help offset the cost of fuel. Right now the cost is quite high ($6-$7 per gallon), and a Cessna 172 takes about 8 gallons per hour to operate (so $42 to $56 just in fuel). A typical low end plane like a Cessna 172 will cost $120 an hour to operate with engine maintenance, and general wear and tear.

If you don't quite finish, Mr Stern is a merit badge councilor too. You may want to talk to him!

I'm in contact with [mail-to:MOC.OIZIRP|EVAD#MOC.OIZIRP|EVAD Dave Prizio] already - I will relay scouts names - but you need to contact him directly.

Note that this is NOT covered under BSA insurance, the pilots have flight insurance. This is not a BSA event because of the paperwork required. There simply is not enough time to fill it out at this point. So, you and your parents must be comfortable with the arrangements.

For other background info you can checkout Young Eagles site.

Amazing Aviation

by Scout-Ansh Sancheti

The aviation merit badge was amazing. Flying the plane was an experience I, for one, will never forget. It was a shame that only two people from our troop came. If other people came, the better the experience would be for everyone, not that it wasn't fun in the first place. The attendants told us just one thing; "Dont eat before the flight"

They couldn't be more right…

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