Annual Troop Dues

Proposal Adopted by Troop Committee on March 9th, 2010
Annual Troop Dues – Effective September 1, 2010

History / Background

For more than 20 years, we’ve had the good fortune to raise significant money from sales at the Independence Day booth in Artesia. The amount raised in any one year has fluctuated between $5K and $12k, but on average has been more than enough to meet all of our funding needs, and during the several years when the Troop was only about 25-35 Scouts, even allowed us to build up a substantial surplus. The success of the Booth has also allowed us not to charge any Troop dues, nor to have to rely on myriad small fundraising efforts (e.g., bake sales, car washes, sales of popcorn or Holiday wreaths, etc.) which are more time intensive and a much bigger hassle.

In the past five or more years, however, the Troop has doubled in size to 50-70 Scouts, and the annual operating expense has also grown proportionately, but the income has remained the same, and we have accordingly depleted most of the surplus. Notwithstanding the additional funds donated by Mr. Nishibayashi’s employer (and for which Mr. Nishibayashi has the discretion to designate their use), we now find ourselves at a point where we can still fund the $6-7k or so in annual administrative costs to run the Troop for a year, but we are no longer in a position to significantly subsidize outings – especially the more heavily subsidized and expensive outings such as Summer Camp and Long Term. It is for this reason that we are considering a $100 per Scout Annual Troop Dues.


The proposal, quite simply stated, is to: Annually assess every Scout $100 in Troop Dues, beginning September 1, 2010 along with BSA registration.


With the 60-70 Scouts currently in the Troop, the $100 per Scout will generate $6-7k, and will cover virtually all of the annual administrative costs (i.e., patches and awards, web hosting, annual renewal, equipment replacement, campground fees, etc.), even if we lost the fundraising booth. If we can continue the Annual Fundraising Booth effort (and providing the City of Artesia still allows for same), we can use the monies generated from the Booth to subsidize outings.

Administrative Details

Scouts joining during the Program Year

New Scouts (i.e., Webelos joining in the Spring) will not be assessed pro-rata dues, and will ”ride free” for the six or less months balance of the then current program year. For example, Webelos coming in to the Troop in April 2010 will not pay anything in April, but will pay $100 like any other Scout in September, 2010. This option will allow new Scouts to get acclimated to the Troop when they are already spending for new uniforms, camping equipment, etc. Older boys and/or transfers of Scouts from another Troop will, however, be assessed pro-rata dues ($10 per full month, not to exceed $100) upon joining.

Scouts aging out at age 18 in the Program Year

Scouts that age out (i.e., turn 18) during a program year, would pay a pro-rata amount of $10 per full month through the month they turn 18. If, for example, a Scout will be turning 18 in April 2011, the dues for the 2010/11 program year would be $70 (Sept through March). However scouts who willingly dropout in the middle of year will not be refunded pro-rated amount.

Note: 100 / 12 = $8.333, but we are using $10/month to ease administration and accounting.

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