Adult Volunteers

Among those parents we have many that have been trained as Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters. Several of them have continued their Scout Leader training with courses including High Adventure Backpacking and Mountain Navigation, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid and CPR, Rock Climbing Instructor certification, BSA Lifeguard certification and Wood Badge training. Many of our parents have stepped up and been certified as Merit Badge Counselors for the District and have worked at many Merit Badge Days for the district and individually with Scouts from other troops besides our own. We could not be this successful without them. They deserve our thanks.

As Troop is mainly run by the scouts, they deserve a special thanks, check their page at Scout Leadership

Why Volunteer

Once upon a time, there were four people: Their names were Everybody, somebody, Nobody, and Anybody. Whenever there was an important job to be done. Everybody was sure the Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. When Nobody did it, Everybody got angry because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Somebody would do it, but Nobody realized that Nobody would do it. So consequently Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done in the first place.

This is important when it is time to change Leadership in the troop. Everybody should not expect Somebody to do the job that Anybody can do. When that happens Nobody steps up to do the job that Anybody can do, then Somebody has to do the job that Anybody can do and Everybody loses.

Current Adult Leaders

Current adult leaders are listed at Adult Leadership

Position Description

All of the adult positions in the Troop are unpaid. Volunteer positions are filled by the parent’s on the scouts. The adults understand that their help is critical to the continued health of the Troop and their son’s success in the scouting program. We always need and welcome your help in running the Troop.

  • Occasional Helpers: We are always in need of parents to help out in many ‘one time’ tasks and projects for the Troop. Please tell us if you can help – or if you see a situation where help is needs – please volunteer.
  • Scoutmaster: Responsible for the daily management of the Troop including meetings and outings. May request Assistant Scoutmasters to assist him in specific parts of Troop management. Requires specific BSA training.
Category Event Tasks When
SMC SM Conference (1st Class and under) Establish relationship Twice Monthly
SM Conference (Star and above) Mentor Twice Monthly
Eagle SMC Reflect Monthly
Eagle Character BOR Support Monthly
Ad-hoc SMC As needed
Meetings Troop Meeting Attend, SM Minute Weekly
Green Bar Meetings Assist Green Bar, Ideas Monthly
ASM Meeting Prepare, Attend Quarterly
COH Planning, Attend, Rank Advancement, SM Minute Quarterly
ISLT Train SPL, Assist SPL to conduct Half Yearly
Committee Meeting Prepare, Attend Monthly
Roundtable Attend, Transfer info to Troop Monthly
Outing Meetings Youth Planning Meeting Assist SPL Yearly
Calendar Meeting Provide Input Yearly
Subsidy Meeting Provide Input Yearly
Mandatory Planning Meeting Assist Outing Coordinator Yearly
Outings Summer Camp Plan, Pre-meeting (2), Attend Yearly
Camporee Plan, Attend Yearly
Other Outings Guide, Attend Monthly
Misc Youth Leadership Application, Selection Half Yearly
Flag Ceremony Coordinate with city, Attend Half Yearly
MB Day Provide information to Troop, Encourage attendance Feb, May, Oct
Trail to 1st Class Assist Trail to 1st class chair As needed
Bin Cleanup Assist QM Yearly
  • Assistant Scoutmaster: The Assistant Scoutmaster position in the troop is a very important function. He or she will provide valuable feedback and advice to the Scoutmaster and to the SM/ASM team in general about scout progress, participation, etc. By having ASMs more actively involved with the Scouts, it reduces that chance that a Scout will "fall between the cracks" and lose interest in Scouting. This is by far the most crucial reason to understand and state the function of the ASM in our troop. Here is a detailed breakdown of his responsibilities:
Responsibility Description
Work with assigned Patrol Each ASM will be assigned to a patrol of 6 to 8 boys. These scouts will be his/her responsibility for mentoring and facilitating progress for the assigned year.
Monitor scouts in his/her Patrol At each troop meeting the ASM will ‘watch over’ his/her patrol and ‘take notes’ on progress and participation of each scout in the patrol.
Monitor scouts in outings For each outing* the ASM will do the same. If necessary, intervene with the scout group if help is needed or if a situation mandates advice, conflict resolution, etc. (Note: It may not be possible for the ASM to attend each and every outing in which case the job function can be assigned to another adult or ASM of his/her choice.)
Regularly attend meetings Therefore it is essential for the ASM to be present at troop meetings and outings, so these interactions with scouts can be consistent. Feedback to the SM/ASM team will be more relevant only if he or she is present on a regular basis to make substantial observations over a long period of time.
Develop Skills The ASMs will also have to develop their own Scout skills further since they will be supervising the teachers (the patrol leaders and senior Scouts). Must get familiar with the scout handbook and the various scout requirements for each rank.
Attend SM/ASM meetings Attend regularly SM/ASM meetings on a monthly ? basis. This is one of the most essential functions of the ASM. The feedback, suggestions and discussions engaged in here will greatly aid in a quality program for the troop.
Share experiences Each ASM can report what they observe with Scouts in the patrols they are assigned to. The collective input and experience could really benefit the overall experience for each Scout. The information shared here will provide the scoutmaster with essential tips to better the structure and program of the troop.
Work as a Group Strive to work cohesively with the group of ASMs under the leadership of the troop Scoutmaster. The entire group will be aware of what is going on with all of the Scouts and the Troop in general. As a group, you can discuss the individual needs of each Scout and brainstorm as to how to insure that each Scout is having the best Scouting experience possible.
Get Trained. Plan on attending the SM/ASM Specific training offered by the District to further leadership and scouting skills. (Troop will pay for this training)
Sign-off Sign off scout handbook on areas of individual expertise, in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Scoutmaster.
  • Committee Chair: Chairs monthly Troop committee meetings that direct the affairs of the Troop. Here is a detailed breakdown of his responsibilities:
Category Event Tasks When
Meetings & Coordination Committee Meeting E-mail meeting notice with agenda; Chair monthly meeting Monthly
Board of Review Be in loop with Rank Advancement Team Monthly
Planning Meeting Assist outings chair: e-mail meeting notice; location; lunch, Troop bay September
Annual Budget Planning Meeting Form budget committee and chair with treasurer & outings chair September
Calendar Meeting Assist outings chair to organize meeting and Webmaster to publish calendar September
Mandatory Parent Meeting Assist outings chair to get coordinators’ September
New Parents Orientation Assist New Parent orientation chair to organize meeting March/April
Court of Honor Assist Rank Advancement (Location; Refreshment, Program, Special Guest/Awards) Quarterly
Pre-Eagle BOR Be a part of pre-eagle BOR As requested
Troop outings/events Assist outings chair, monitor status and resolve any issues As scheduled
Carmenita Middle School Visit Visit the principal once a year and offer a service project for the school September
Pack 529 Blue & Gold Dinner Coordinate with scoutmaster, cub master & webelos den leader February
Flag Ceremony City of Cerritos Work with scoutmaster to reply to requests - a few time a year As requested
City of Artesia Work with scoutmaster to reply to requests - a few time a year As requested
Forms Use of School Facility Submit application for the use of school facilities June
Troop Status with the City Submit annual Community Org Application with the City Nov/Dec
Annual Registration Assist registration chair to review and sign December
File with the State File the non-profit organization form with the State of California Every two years
New Scout/Adult membership Assist recruitment chair for new membership and maintain waiting list As needed
Eagle Projects Review, schedule on troop calendar, sign As needed
Reservations Green & Gold Dinner Reserve Skyline Room; Check the status (Food, Prizes) Sept/Feb
July/Aug Committee Meeting Book CPE or another room for meetings when school is closed February
Annual Parent Potluck Find a place and e-mail the event notice August
Summer Camp Meeting Book room for 2 summer camp meetings for May / June February
  • Committee Secretary : Attends monthly committee meetings. Prepares and distributes Meeting Minutes to all Troop committee.
  • Treasurer: Maintains Troop’s bank account. Receives funds and makes payment. Provides periodic Financial Reports to Troop committee.
  • Quartermaster: Assists in maintenance, storage and Inventory of Troop Gear
  • Advancement Chair: Responsible for assisting scouts to advance in scouting program Rank Advancement and Merit Badge. Obtain merit badges and rank badges for presentation of Court of Honor. Processes blue cards.
  • Eagle Guide: Responsible for counseling scouts to work towards Eagle rank and become Eagle Scout.
  • Junior Leader Training Chair: Responsible for organizing and providing junior leader training opportunities for Scouts.
  • Adult Leader Training Chair: Responsible for finding adult leader training programs and advising troop adult on schedules and training locations.
  • Medicals Chair: Keeps troop records of medical forms and advises scouts and adults of impending medical expiration dates.
  • Fundraising Chair: Coordinates annual fundraising project (4th of July Fundraiser). Coordinates with various vendors and regulatory agencies. Establishes schedules of work shifts by parents. Handles funds and makes final report to committee.
  • Orientation Chair: Maintains parent orientation guide. Arranges for Adult Orientation meetings.
  • Outings Chair: Provides assistance and support to Troop Outings coordinators.
  • Registration Chair: Processes registration to district council. Maintains Troop Roster
  • Recruiting Chair: Coordinates recruiting drive to local schools and Cub Scouts packs. Conducts or coordinates recruiting presentations.
  • Summer Camp Chair: Coordinates Summer Camp registrations and obtains reservations with the camp. Maintains record of payments and collects payment from scouts. May accompany scouts to camp or arrange for others to accompany scouts.
  • Vikings Chair: Coordinates activities for older scouts (15 and over)
  • Webmaster: Sets framework for the website and assists others to on How to Edit Pages. Here is a detailed breakdown of his responsibilities:
Tasks When
Setup Troop calendar for next year and then maintain it as the other outings and events get added to the calendar September and ongoing
Work with the outings and events coordinator to maintain outings pages for their outing. Ongoing
Train and supervise troop historian to post pictures to the website. Ongoing
Assist secretary to post committee meeting minutes to the website. Monthly
Manage website membership. As needed
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