Adult Orientation

Coordinator 2016
Primary: Chandy Gunawardana
Backup: Charles Cho

Congratulations on joining Troop 693. We’re very pleased you’ve chosen to continue in scouting by joining Troop 693. We really look forward to having you in our Troop.

We have many goals in our Troop, including providing a safe, conducive atmosphere for earning merit badges and rank advancement, having interesting activities and acquiring useful skills. However, the most important of all of our goals is to help your son build strong character, develop effective communication skills, learn leadership skills and create a desire to help other people. A combination of the current adult leadership along with your help and participation will allow all of us accomplish these goals.

To get you started, we’ve put together an orientation program so that you may better understand Troop 693’s organization and program to meet the Scouting Objectives of Character Development, Citizenship Training, and Personal Fitness. We will share with you what to expect and how to assist your son to advance in Scouting and have fun. Don’t be alarmed – you don’t have to memorize it and there will be no test in the morning, in the begining things may look overwhelming, but slowly things will fall in place. Feel free to ask questions or refer to New Parents - Frequently Asked Questions

The following topics will be discussed on these dates and will take place during a regular weekly Scout meeting at Carmenita School. Please bring your son’s Scout Handbook, paper to take notes on and all the questions you have been waiting to ask.

Session No. I: Troop Organization, Meetings and Outings:

  1. Organization: Adult Volunteers, Adult Leadership
  2. Organization: Scout and Patrol Positions, Regular Troop Meeting
  3. Outings: See Calendar for upcoming outings
    1. Monthly
    2. Camporees, Summer Camps and Long Term
    3. Special Activities

Session No. II: Scout Advancement

  1. Rank Advancement
  2. Scout Leadership
  3. Merit Badge
  4. Rank Advancements Guidelines

Session No. III: Equipment, Gear and Supplies

  1. Where to buy Scout Resources
  2. What to buy (seach for 'checklist' in search box)
  3. Why Backpacking Hints And Tips

Session No. IV: Youth Protection

  1. Youth Protection
    1. Recognizing Child Abuse
    2. Protection Policies, Practices and Procedures
    3. Responding to Disclosure
    4. Reporting Requirements
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