About Eagle Court of Honor

An Eagle Court is the ceremony in recognition of a scout making the rank of Eagle. Each ceremony is different, as the scout and his family put the program together. The troop helps and supports them as the family asks/needs. Usually there is some mention of the "Trail to Eagle", the different ranks in scouting and some information about what an Eagle Scout portrays. Along with that, a few members of the troop may say a few words about the scout and there is the formal presentation of the Eagle Badge. Ceremonies take 2-3 hours. Usually there is only one scout and sometimes two being honored, rarely we have more than 5 scouts in a single ceremony. Food varies from as simple as a cake and punch to lunch, totally up to the families.

All scouts come dressed in their Class A uniforms, it is a dress up event for them. They may be asked to participate in some form. Parents and relatives/guests of the Eagle Scout generally get dressed up, possibly even a tie. Parents of the rest of the troop scouts usually do not come as "dressed up", certainly not in a coat and tie or fancy dress, somewhere a little better than jeans and a t-shirt. Younger siblings come dressed in what they wish!

All members of a family are invited to come, but it may be a bit boring and a bit long for little ones. The programs usually entails a lot of talking.

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